Style Godis

This is definitely one of those “Oh my Goood!!” shops that just leaves my chin fallen and makes me want to get everything. They may not have loads of products, but the ones they have are certainly really really freaking awesome. I don’t even know where to start… Their lookbooks, how amazing is this california punk-festival vibe? Not only the lookbooks but also the clothes have a really cool, free and young spirit in it that I love, as you all know. Continue reading

Do you take care about your hair? Everything you need to know about the folic acid ( ácido fólico para el cabello ) for your hair. Benefits, secrets and more. Discover FERRANN and their amazing products.

T-shirt from Chicnova

Most of you probably noticed that I have a huge passion for the boy london logo, and when I received this t-shirt from Chicnova I was mega super happy. It is my second t-shirt with the eagle already and something tells me it wont be the last.. In a very relaxed mood, I took this pictures to show you this new goodie, what do you think of the result? Continue reading

My Instalife

Hey guys!! So here is my week summed up in  some pretty snaps, once again. I think this kind of posts are amazing to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to and honestly I’ve been having such a lack of time due to the exams that Instagram is the best way to do it. This is, by far, my most used app. Are you addicted as well? Continue reading

Wedding Preparation – Tips For The Couple

Weddings usually symbolize the happiest moments in a couples life. The sensation of making a couple together in holy matrimony is a pleasurable experience for anyone. There are a lot of difficulties that couples are going through once they start their wedding preparation. If a couple gets the support of friends and family in their wedding preparation the difficulties that they go through are minimized. When a couple performs a good investigation of the main difficulties they will face the smaller problems can be very easily resolved.

One of the biggest questions that cross the couple’s mind when preparing their wedding is the form of ceremony they should have. Continue reading

Karren Brady – After Dinner Speaker

Female after dinner speakers are becoming so popular today and have become a typical need at dinners in the world of business, the charity community as well as at organization and also club events. Without a doubt, you can find many events reap some benefits from after dinner speaker.

After dinner speakers are normally hired to be the highlight to an event and the one that guests will memorize positively for long periods of time later on, no matter the type of event. They must be a speaker who the audience can respect and enjoy seeing and hearing. You will need to find a good person to become the speaker at a certain event , as there are a great number of types of after dinner speakers available and hiring the wrong person may lead to boring or , even worse , annoying the guests. Continue reading