Best Body Butter For Your Dry Skin

gold body butterWhether to use body butter on a dry skin or not has always been a hot debate. There is no doubt that body butter is super-effective for skin but it can make your dry skin an oily mess too. There are different types of body butter available in the market. If you have a dry skin, you can’t just choose any one of them – you have to be rather selective. In this article, we will give you some of the best body butter for dry skin.

1. Tree To Tub Lavender Shea Butter

It is one of the best body butter to keep your skin hydrated. The manufacturers of this product claim that, you don’t have to feel bad about your dry skin. You will notice a more hydrated skin in just a few days of use. With Aloe Vera and Lavender as its main ingredient, you will notice a quick relief from dry and cracked skin – especially in winters.

Many body butters are thick and heavy and make your skin oily. The Tree to Tub Lavender Shea Butter is light and leaves no residue on your skin. Continue reading

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The importance of Jade Facial roller for Facial Treatment

bhghA jade roller is actually a facial gadget in which a smooth, rounded jade stone is mounted a handle and can be rolled across the face. It had been utilized in China and some other countries in Asia to tighten and firm the skin.

Jade is also known as a therapeutic stone and a symbol of tranquility and purity. It helps bring about wellness and longevity. Jade eases the mind and discharges depressing emotions. This stone is typically associated with the chakra and is proven to enhance love and entice fortune. In physical terms, Jade can balance the fluid inside the body, calms the neurological system and smoothes facial skin. It can be a cleansing stone that helps in the elimination of germs and toxins and detoxifies the blood stream. Continue reading

Men’s Street Wear from Paraval

paraval clothingA fashionable trend in clothing among young people which has been expanding recently like wildfire around the world is known as urban street wear. If you are a young person trying to find an effective way to look stylish in front of friends and family, then you must keep on top of what the other youngsters are wearing when they are on the streets.

You can find unique variations of trendy street wear used in the large cities, and the outfit which is popular in most of the city streets are the baggy jeans which look like the parachute jeans , they are usually topped off with sneakers . Continue reading

Lia Kees – Amazing beautiful model and IT girl

lia kees outfitsFor a fashion model, a perfect figure, beautiful face, intelligence as well as personality is important, however it is hard to find such a precious. After trying to find new rising stars, we found someone exceptional and perfect. We found this phenomenal fashion model “Lia Kees” on Instagram and remarked that this girl has shown up in the top Insta charts and most popular magazines along with other models.

While focusing on her own triumphant career in the fashion niche, Lia shares her experience and knowledge with young ambitious models, to motivate and assist them to transform their modeling jobs into a money-making profession. For that reason The Model Weekend was created. It plays a role in specialized development of inexperienced models, guarantees wide-ranging networking possibilities, and gives the exclusive event experience. Continue reading

Healthy Foods For Healthy Skin

dgtgreSkin is our body’s largest organ , also it should get all the nutritional TLC that sometimes we  can give it . So you need to find out what you are feeding yourself , will be feeding your skin as well .
One of the most crucial components for the skin health is vitamin A , and most likely among the best sources of it is low-fat milk products . Perhaps it is said the overall health of our skin will depend on vitamin A . Low-fat yogurt is not just high in vitamin A , but also acidophilus , the “live” bacteria which is beneficial for intestinal health . this may also enhance the beauty of the skin , as it helps with digestion . Some other sources of vitamin A include cod liver oil , , carrots , leafy vegetables , sweet potatoes and cereals . Continue reading