Got myself some facial moisturizer

One of the things I love about my skin is that I do not encounter a lot of breakouts compared to the rest of my friends when we were still in high school. I have dry skin, so it was never a problem to keep my face clear and free from blemishes. I was one of those who did not even have to wear any makeup on because there was nothing much to cover. Continue reading

Need only a little to make me smell great

Back in the days I would only make use of colognes or perfumes that I would purchase from various stores at an affordable price. They smelled really great, but I noticed that they would diffuse quite easily so I would need to frequently spray on more perfume. This was something that my friend noted was more expensive, rather than just buying designer brand fragrance which will last longer. Continue reading

Chewable vitamins

These days, most of us would need to take things on the go. We hardly have any time for anything, so food is usually ordered for take outs so we can proceed with the next thing on our schedules. Our coffees are even on the go as well, so we can easily walk to the office while drinking our early morning perk-up drink. Even spa treatments are made express, with as little as 15 minutes to get one moving on right away. Continue reading

My experience after using Ogario London Shampoo And Revive Conditioner

Ogario London is a brand that offers hair care products that has been distributed through many distributors and available online. They offer naturally based formulas for the natural hair care experience. I discovered this brand unexpectedly by making a friend in social media, a pioneering Ogario London representative. She also first began as a consumer who was looking for a premium quality shampoo.

As my shampoo and also conditioner ran low, I realized I needed to find a new quality one, natural product to supplement my untreated hair. As a mom you already know that all the natural beauty treatments you reduce after giving birth because of money, time and safety. I have very little time for manicures and pedicures, hair treatment and try to always keep all my personal care to a least chemical. I want to get healthy and feel pretty! Continue reading

Nail Culture – An online community for Nail Art Enthusiasts

Many women and fashion enthusiast are dealing with to nails art as the most effective way to overcome dull looking nails. From just coloring the nails, nail art greatly enhances the nails beauty with its creativeness in the form of glitters, small motifs, stones, ceramic flowers, danglers, etc which can make your nails get noticed for any situation.

Creating beautiful designs on nails is difficult and needs creativity and professionalism especially when you are considering some complex nail designs. A well finished art will enhance your overall look and match up your set of clothing to a great extent. Continue reading