Green Chic – the best online shopping platform for organic beauty products in UAE

gt565With an increasing number of beauty products claiming to be ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘non-toxic’, it can be tricky finding products that authentically deliver on that. And while this does mean that conscious consumers have to carry out their own product research to identify these authentic brands, it takes time and a lot of experience figuring it all out.

That said, a new online store called Green Chic  launched in the UAE to help consumers in getting the best natural beauty products. Green Chic offers a curated selection of organic and natural beauty products from different parts of the world. They screen through brands to ensure that the products are truly natural and ethically made, but effectiveness is another key component.

For founder Vila Vasoodaven, it was about finding products that were natural, without compromising on effectiveness – ‘Natural beauty products use a lot of great ingredients that treat the area of concern as well as nourish your skin. Continue reading

Keep your glow when it is not just your day

bnuy55Sleepless night, PMS or flu are just some of the reasons to look worse than usual. It happens to each of us, and it mostly when we need to be at its best. Fortunately, there is a way to mask any deficiencies.


• Whenever you can, hydrate your skin with masks and creams.
• Get rid of red powder of yellowish hue, and pay special attention to the part about the nose.
• discrete makeup, avoid strong tones and crisp lines.
• Choose products that are difficult to spread, such as waterproof mascara.
• Put a blush on your cheeks only.
• Use lipstick that also hydrates, this will prevent chapped lips.
• During the day, often makeup face and carry a handkerchief that you can wipe the grease. Continue reading

Starting my Korean Skin Care Routine

bnuu7I am very happy to write this article, as I really like sharing my skincare regime. Skincare is an essential thing you should do for your face. By taking good care of your skin, you are bringing life back to it and protecting against premature aging. Certainly, nothing can beat aging but the truth is you can extend it by caring for your skin or applying good quality products for your face.

These days, everyone with a desire for skincare and beauty is aware that Korea keeps the precious standard for skin supplements. Koreans are popular for their perfect skin, and it is not due to the genetics—it is simply because they have ancient tradition of caring for their skin. Continue reading

Budget Mineral Makeup

kiu887Elf cosmetics offer mineral makeup starter kits for $20. Each kit comes with brushes and bag…although a kabuki brush is not included. The mineral makeup sold separately costs only $5, including foundation, concealor, and blush. Bronzer is $8 but is a much larger portion. I loved the elf mineral makeup. I have had trouble breaking out in the past. Elf’s mineral makeup eliminated my breakouts- I could wear foundation without getting acne! This is a first. However, I would not recommend Elf’s mineral makeup for those who like a lot of coverage. Elf’s mineral makeup gave my face that extra youthful glow with a hint a shimmer.

The bronzer set does come with a kabuki brush. The kabuki face brush sold separately is $5. Elf also has a kabuki body brush for only $8.

The downside: Elf’s mineral makeup contains Bismuth Oxychloride, which many women are allergic to. I did not have any problems with the product. Continue reading

Most gorgeous eyeliner for green eyes: ELF plum

ghy77I have tried many colors of green and purple to bring out the green in my eyes. Clinique’s moss and grape did the trick, but not as well as I would have liked. I have used these two colors- grape and moss- for the past year. Although the colors enhanced the green in my eyes I still had to pay special attention to what I wore- the wrong color would throw the effect off altogether.

I recently found a plum eye brightener by ELF (Eyes Lips Face)- in the form of an eye pencil- and the color is absolutely perfect. The shade compliments my eyes so well that the color of clothing I wear no longer bears so much weight. I believe that the brightening quality of the pencil helps tremendously- the slight shimmer catches the light ever so slightly and draws attention to my eyes.

I am completely obsessed with this eye pencil and never go anywhere without it. I never would have guessed I would love it so much. It only cost a dollar at K-mart and does not look that special. I highly recommend this eye pencil!