Liquid Eyeliner Cat Eyes

mngkj87Liquid eyeliner cat eyes can make your eyes appear larger and more attractive. No matter what color eyes you have, liquid eyeliner cat eyes are the key to wider, fuller, extremely attractive eye-catching eyes. There is no need to go to a beauty salon each time you have a formal occasion and would like to have liquid cat eyes applied. Applying liquid eyeliner is a skill which can be learned.  Remember that you would like cat eyes to be subtle and sexy rather than harsh and domineering.

Drawing perfect eyeliner cat eyes will be great for day and especially for night. You will need to apply an ultra-thin line on the inside part of your eyelid.  Hold the skin of your upper eyelids taut. As precisely as you can, dot your upper lash-line as near to your eye as possible. Continue reading

How to Use Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

fgghgf76Although there are not specific set of color rules for brown eyes, still some people choose to know or develop a set of rules that can help guide them whenever they apply make up. So as to satisfy this need, this articles helps women with brown eyes learn the basics and important things when it comes to applying eye shadow. This article presents several steps to help women get the proper look for their brown eyes. Since there are no definite colors which are deemed perfect for brown eyes, you can try and play with them so as to see and discover a new look. You should see which colors tend to look good on you. Experimenting is a really fun experience since you get to try out different thing and actually figure out a look that suits you best. These guidelines will help you determine which of the countless colors around may just fit you right and what to do with so many options. A color that is not mention in this article can still be played with. After all, there’s no limit to what colors you can apply. Continue reading

Reasons to Choose Permanent Makeup

nhi88Most women in London, especially when they had the options about makeup, they prefer to have Permanent makeup North London or even semi permanent makeup. It can save them energy and time every morning applying makeup.

This is Irremovable makeup which is tattooed on, so that it will remain on the face forever. This means that you will never need to spend your money for daily makeup. All you need to do is to take a shower, get outfitted, and then go as you have applied permanent makeup.

Semi permanent makeup is equally as it sounds; it surely is not permanent which enable you to remove it. Meaning to say Users must reapply once in a while to care for the desired look. It is ideal for a person who really wants to apply permanent makeup but is not prepared to try it.

Permanent makeup is also referred to as 3D eyebrows, microblading, micro stroking, and also dermal skin care products – are a method of cosmetic tattooing. The permanent makeup procedure uses tiny needles and several tools and techniques that implant pigments into the skin layers for extra specified shape. As the pigment is getting implanted into the skin thus making it permanent, it is a tattoo whatever you might ever hear. Continue reading

Daniel Sandler’s new Waterbase Foundation with Concealer

nh8915I adore the new Daniel Sandler WATERBASE Foundation and Concealer, which  is packed with minerals and moisturisers and gives the skin the most beautiful, dewy finish (which isn’t greasy).

When creating bridal makeup looks for a bride, I always make sure that her skin is flawless and radiant, without looking heavy and cakey.

This product is so clever, as you have two products in one handy and easy to use component:

As invisible as a Tinted Moisturiser, this barely-there oil-free formula disappears just like water when applied to your face leaving a youthful and glowing complexion offering you a seamless finish.

Can be mixed with the Foundation to build up coverage where needed or can be applied directly onto blemishes or under-eye circles to disguise imperfections.  Continue reading

Makeup tip – how to apply face powder correctly

hyq33I have lost count of the amount of times when I am giving a bride-to-be a makeup lesson and after applying the primer, foundation and concealer, I pull out the face powder and she has a look of fear on her face! There are so many women who do not use face powder at all, as they are frightened that it is going to make their makeup appear heavy or that using powder will make them look older.

Years ago, face powders were chalky and heavy – technology has moved on since then. It is essential that you use a little powder where needed on your wedding day to set your makeup – especially if your skin has the tendency to go shiny and you need to powder your eyelids – this is essential to create the perfect base for your eyeshadow and to stop your eyeshadow creasing.

To apply face powder correctly, you first need to find the right powder for you. A fine, loose powder is great if you have an oily skin. Continue reading