Budget Mineral Makeup

kiu887Elf cosmetics offer mineral makeup starter kits for $20. Each kit comes with brushes and bag…although a kabuki brush is not included. The mineral makeup sold separately costs only $5, including foundation, concealor, and blush. Bronzer is $8 but is a much larger portion. I loved the elf mineral makeup. I have had trouble breaking out in the past. Elf’s mineral makeup eliminated my breakouts- I could wear foundation without getting acne! This is a first. However, I would not recommend Elf’s mineral makeup for those who like a lot of coverage. Elf’s mineral makeup gave my face that extra youthful glow with a hint a shimmer.

The bronzer set does come with a kabuki brush. The kabuki face brush sold separately is $5. Elf also has a kabuki body brush for only $8.

The downside: Elf’s mineral makeup contains Bismuth Oxychloride, which many women are allergic to. I did not have any problems with the product. Continue reading

Most gorgeous eyeliner for green eyes: ELF plum

ghy77I have tried many colors of green and purple to bring out the green in my eyes. Clinique’s moss and grape did the trick, but not as well as I would have liked. I have used these two colors- grape and moss- for the past year. Although the colors enhanced the green in my eyes I still had to pay special attention to what I wore- the wrong color would throw the effect off altogether.

I recently found a plum eye brightener by ELF (Eyes Lips Face)- in the form of an eye pencil- and the color is absolutely perfect. The shade compliments my eyes so well that the color of clothing I wear no longer bears so much weight. I believe that the brightening quality of the pencil helps tremendously- the slight shimmer catches the light ever so slightly and draws attention to my eyes.

I am completely obsessed with this eye pencil and never go anywhere without it. I never would have guessed I would love it so much. It only cost a dollar at K-mart and does not look that special. I highly recommend this eye pencil!

Silqueskin : Honest review

mkii0One of the very first things that will have to be said about Silqueskin is that this. It’s actually silky in really feel, method, and the way silkily easy it makes the surface really feel. There are a lot of ladies out there, who do desire one factor, and that is to have skin that has  qualities. What are those characteristics? These qualities aren’t any rather then being gorgeous and younger taking a look in appearance. Silqueskin is the single system that may ship this to women in abundance.

Product Description:

What’s Silqueskin Cream all about? Silqueskin is a unique kind of pores and skin cream that goes far past simply being a pores and skin cream. If one were to explain this wonderful product, one word would instantly are evoked, and that would be no rather then entire. Why complete? The solution is apparent. Silqueskin provides skin what it wishes so much to stay taking a look great and to lend a hand it keep its youthful look as well. Silqueskin Cream reviews can say many things, however the one reality about this superior product is this, and that is what it provides to skin for the longer term. Continue reading

3D Mask Micro-Rhinoplasty

3D mask surgeryThe cosmetic surgery that transforms the shape of the nose is called Rhinoplasty. Men and women want to know of how they may look before and also after the surgical procedure and you will find latest solutions to do this. You can use 2D or 3D solutions that offer a good option on a computer display screen , nevertheless the most popular “before and after” 3D mask solutions created by Dr . Avsar, can provide the patient with an excellent insight into how they will look after cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Avsar really likes presenting to his patients with a clear vision of the how they may seem to be after their nose surgical treatment. He has long been creating actual 3D models for long time now to demonstrate the finalized look, though with the advancement of 3D printing, he has made a far better and more accurate solution to demonstrate to his patients their post-surgery look. He was impressed after watching a 3D printing and scanning system in action. He thought that he could perform a scan of the patient’s face, simply modify it in 3D by means of CAD tools and after a while produce a mask.
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Tips to removing blackheads effectively

bgqq1Blackheads are really annoying and it is not enjoyable looking to get rid of them. The major problem with blackheads is that they are really difficult to remove. You should be able to take them away while not being too rough or you could possibly lead to scarring to arise on your skin. This is certainly something that you are afraid to come about as laser skin surgery afterward may cost you big money.

You will find two methods that you can start getting rid of these blackheads. There are even more ways as well but I would recommend that you adhere to what I suggest on this article to make sure you are on the safe methods. In case you have learned about a different treatment that actually works for this then just do it and give it a try but try not to say that I didn’t alert you of the effects. Continue reading