Beauty with a Latina Edge

As I’m sure you’ve OBVS noticed, there’s been a lack of posts on this site lately. I took the summer off from blogging to work on my tan and my beer belly, and to figure out my blogging life. It took a lot of cocktails and there was even an iPhone fatality involved (I dropped it in the pool while texting, oops), but I’m back and I’ve got news!

Going forward, this site will become more of a lifestyle website, focusing more on shoes and booze and events, and even beauty from a personal perspective, but generally, most things beauty will be showcased on my new site, Beauty Piñata.

Beauty Piñata: Beauty with a Latina Edge, will focus on beauty for and from a Latina perspective. It’s still in its baby stages, as I’ve been on vacation, but it’s finally coming together nicely and I hope you’ll share this new adventure with me! Continue reading

5 Benefits of Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick can look very neat and classy. It does not need a glossy finish and it is also easy to apply for your makeup routine. The perfect look can be achieved with this lipstick is with a shade that easily blends with your skin tone. Additionally, this is a form of makeup that matches up almost every other makeup. Let’s have a look at a few of the benefits of matte lipstick:

1. Low-maintenance

Compared to the glossy ones, the matte lipstick can last quite a long time. Although it might be required to reapply once a day to keep the perfect look, there is no risk of having issues about cracking, caking, or even needing a layer of moisture.

2. Low transfer

This kind of lipstick is actually smudged free. It keeps being in place after the first application and is not going to spread during the day. It is an excellent lip product to give you more confidence as it will not transfer when doing daily activities, such as drinking a cup of coffee or eating a sandwich. Other types of lipstick must be wiped most often, but this will not happen when you use matte lipstick. Continue reading

Charly Girl Matte Lipsticks

I am a very energetic person, and I love to try something new. I like to surround myself with a lot of people and charge them with original ideas. I also like to visit the various exhibitions, theaters and cinemas, and I am always aware of fashion news. I have many friends because my optimism, good humor, and smile are passed to all familiar people. There is a need that I should not overlook to beautify my lips. Then my friend recommended me to try Charly Girl Matte Lipsticks, which can be perfectly combined with eye shadows and my skin tone.

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Spa Facial – Treatments To Know Before Your First Visit

Do you often visit a Thai spa in London to enjoy various beauty treatments? Body care, facials, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments are really important as they can improve and rejuvenate your complexion and leave you feeling refreshed. Here is the information you need to know before booking such treatments, so that you know what to expect and how they are done properly in a spa – especially everything that is related to your face.

Facial treatments must be performed once every month for optimal results as they help to remove the dead skin cells on your face. The dead cells make your face look lifeless and dull. Continue reading

Shopping for skincare products at

Many women start to be serious about skincare as she gets older and observes those fine lines creation around her mouth and eyes. Those fine lines and wrinkles that will not glow like it used to. Also most women are aware that natural skincare products are the best skincare products. However how can you find the best skincare products?

Healthy skin care products are readily available at various prices. Many companies release their new products for the users who love the glowing skin textures. Nevertheless, you need to wise when choosing the skin care products for delivering glamour and smoothness to the skin.

You can browse the internet to find out the finest quality skincare products that can give the highest possible protection to the skin. Do not ever use any body lotion or cream which can make your skin dry. Continue reading