What Does OOTD Means?

ootdHow many times have you found yourself standing in front of your closet not knowing what to wear? Not being able to decide what to wear it`s not a proper nor apositive way to start the day.

Nowadays the simpler version, when searching for fashion “momentum” rather than going through magazines, is going through a few applications or web pages that will give you the instant fashion boost.

You can leave behind not being inspired when it comes to what to wear throughout the day with this simple yet effective trick. With the use of the #OOTD which is abbreviation from Outfit Of The Day, you can easily create an entirely fashionable combination in an instant. Only a few clicks away, you can find a number of various combinations for everyday occasions, whether is for a walk in the park with your pet or maybe a coffee with your friends or even casual outfit for a date. Along with a sip of your morning coffee in the comfort of your very own home, you can scroll through and decide what to wear. No more worrying about what type of top to combine with that floral printed pants, what type of shoes to wear with your casual dress, or even how to do your make up. Continue reading


This little squares sum up (in a very compressed way) what’s been keeping me busy in this past few days. School started again this week and I also have a new project that I’m super excited about and hopefully will be telling you all about that in the near future. If you want to be updated about every second of my life, you can give me a follow @luisatormenta , you’re more than welcome. But now tell me what have you been doing lately?



Strings Over Strings

I received this jumper less than two weeks ago and I’ve worn it so much more than what I would like to confess. The thing is that besides being amazingly cute, it is also super warm and versatile. It was an order from PersunMall and I mus say I’m really happy with it!
I also own you an apology for my absence around here, but I just started an internship that along with school is taking me most of my time. And what have you been up to?
Love, Luisa.

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Huge Zipper and Other Sewing Supplies Selection at Zipper Shipper

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Anniversary Rings Remind You about Your Endless Love

vbv77A wedding anniversary is the special event of a couple to celebrate love, trust, and sacrifice happiness of each others, tenacity, tolerance, and patience. The right solution to celebrate such an anniversary is to present the cherished one the finest gift for the special occasion.

You can basically give a particular gift on a certain year or even try a few of the ideas you may surprise your loved one or possibly you may plan it together. The gift makes it easy for you and will be the ideal choice for your living partner.

One thing most men try to find when purchasing an anniversary gift for her is the gift that hopefully will amaze her. Continue reading