Chic Hair Accessories for Your Hairstyles

dsr21Hairstyles are really important for a beautiful and a cool appearance. We do our hairstyle for various events and occasions in order to look impressive and to look wonderful. A nice hairstyle is the one that match our personality and makes us distinct and elegant.

Hair accessories play an important role in styling our hair as they can enhance and beautify our look. The accessories we choose should match the occasion you will attend, the hairstyle and the hair accessories we pick to wear. Also, we must be comfortable with the hairstyle we choose and the accessories that embellish it.

Here some chic hair accessories you must have which can support your hairstyle for any occasions: Continue reading

Tips to buying pearls in Beijing

bg897The best place to buy pearls in Beijing is the pearl market at Hong Qiao, located right outside the East gate of the Temple of Heaven. Hong Qiao is a multi-story building that sells everything, from Chinese arts and craft, ladies’ handbags, clothes and shoes, to most importantly, pearls. The entire third and fourth floor of Hong Qiao are devoted to pearls—freshwater, seawater, Tahitian, South Sea pearls—essentially every type of pearl grown under the sun, and then some. As you step onto the third floor, a cloud of whiteness immediately surrounds you. At first, all vendors appear identical, as do the pearls. But as you slowly wander down the stalls, you’ll soon settle down at a table, drawn in by the lustre or style of a particular necklace.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when buying pearls. First of all, lustre, lustre, lustre! No matter what kind of pearl, freshwater or seawater, lustre is the most important judging factor when buying good pearls. Lustre refers to the shine of the pearl, which also implies the thickness of the nacre underneath (pearl layer). The more lustrous the pearl, the better quality it is. When buying seawater pearls, lustre is extremely important because it indicates the thickness of the nacre. Continue reading

Man’s Guide to the Best Leather Dopp Kits

bg3aEvery man should have a Dopp kit. It can be made from canvas, inner tube, leather,  or something similarly wonderful. It provides perfect organization for compact travel toiletries but might also work as a case for grooming tools or even technical accessories. The natural leather is stain resistant and waterproof, which makes it well suited for travel.

As I take half of my showers in a fitness center, I needed a stylish solution to transport my toiletries. And after 2 to 3 weeks of searching and confusion, I finally got a leather Dopp kit that accommodates all of my requirements. The good part about this Dopp kit is that you are limited by the size. No matter the amount of stuff you put in the bag. Continue reading

Create your personal clothing style with Fly Threads

bnaqTailor made clothing offer more versatility when it relates to your perfect choice of men style. Ready made or ready to wear cloths usually create issues for most men .This is mainly because body structure and physique of men differs at significant amount and body measurements of ready made cloths usually do not fit to every man.

The most important thing about custom made clothing is your 100 % control on specifications and measurement of your outfits. You will get precisely what you would like to wear. This means no worry about everything you will wear if you choose custom clothing. Additionally you can find this service online at Fly Threads that provide you with fabric selections from which you may decide the fabric of your own selection with the price that fits the size of your pocket. And great thing about fabric collection in custom clothing is that fabric material quality is usually better than ready made clothing. Continue reading

Fall Fashion Trend Guide

fr11When fall comes around many women gets obsessed with what the new fashion trends for the fall are. You can enjoy finding out what the latest trends for fall clothing for women.

Leggings are gradually taking their way back into our wardrobes for the past few seasons. This fall is not any different and leggings are returning with a vengeance. You can buy them in dark colors like mauve, chocolate or black. Pair them up with off the shoulder tops and tall boots. Also a blouse along with a pair of flats results in a great set of clothing at your workplace. When the days and nights get chilly, you can wear Vegan Leather Jacket and leggings to maximize an outdoor look.
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