How to choose your watch bands?

h6621More and more watch owners enjoy regularly swapping their watch straps to match different looks, seasons or even moods. It’s a great and subtle way to enrich your look and have fun with accessories. The only problem is how to choose the right watch straps from a huge selection available online. That’s why in today’s post you’ll learn about different types and characteristics of watch bands that can help you choose the right one for you. To make this process easier you can simply use common categories of watch straps and bands.

Watch straps types
Watch bands come in many forms and every one of them has its ideal use case and can be more or less versatile. Here are the most popular watch strap types available:

2-piece watch straps – most common type that has a long and a short piece. There’s a great variety of materials available with leather / faux-leather and silicone as the main examples. In the leather version, these are a safe choice if you’re not sure what straps you will need, as their classic look will complement most looks beautifully.

Milanese/Mesh bands – this is a subtle and very universal type of watch straps made with woven mesh of tiny metal elements creating delicate and elegant construction. Rose gold versions of these bands go perfectly with many women’s watches. Mesh bands also come in bigger Shark Mesh versions better suited for big watch faces that are famous for their durability and were originally created for diving watches.

Link Metal Bracelets – very elegant and comfortable to wear. Made out of stainless steel or metal and usually designed for bigger watch faces better suited for men. Because of their construction they require a visit to a jeweler in case you want to resize them so be careful picking their length when buying. Since link metal bracelets are often made out of stainless steel they are a perfect choice for waterproof watches.

Bracelet straps – jewelry-like metal watch straps ideal for women. Go great with more formal and richer looks. They commonly come with gold or silver finish and are more decorative then other types of watch straps.


Watch straps styles

There are less common but interesting styles of watch straps that can underline your whole style and sense of fashion. If you want to make it interesting these are perfect for you:

Aviator watch straps – simple, but distinctive look of aviator watch straps with characteristic additional rivets make them a timeless classic without being boring. When in doubt, go with brown leather version of aviator straps.

Cuffs –massive, hard looking and very hard to miss on someone’s wrist cuffs are a bold choice that will ensure you stand out in the crowd. On the other hand, cuffs are not very universal and require a look that goes good with them.

Rally watch straps –straps with multiple holes cut out that improve ventilation but also give them tons of character. You can find them in more elegant leather versions as well as multicolor sport versions so choose those that better suit your style.

If you are interested in carefully selected watch straps of all types and styles you can find hundreds of them at

5 Tips to Look Stunning in a Designer Evening Gown

Every lady wants to steal the show with something unique and catchy. Yet that’s not so simple! Only buying a good designer evening gown won’t do. You need the perfect look to be the centre of attraction. Here’s your guide to get the look.

Tips to Look Stunning in Party Dresses:

  1. Remember the KISS Rule (Keep It Simple Silly!).

Nothing can beat simplicity. If you wear a dress that outscores what you actually look like and who you are, there’s probably no use of wearing such evening dresses. By keeping the outfit basic and minimal, the audience have the chance to see you and get your taste. Keep the outfit monochromatic to be the elegant lady.


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Types of limousine for hire

Many people, who rent limousine, will feel special and stylish on their wedding day. If you are a person who certainly enjoys style, San Diego limo service is actually a perfect option. Also most women, has a dream about the luxury, stylish wedding. So it is no secret that you might want to feel fashionable and elegant during your wedding day.

You will find many types of Limousines easily available for hire. Every limousine service provides you with their unique limousines. Still the actual limos listed below are the most common and gives you an idea of what to choose.

Lincoln Navigator Limousine

This limo is the most impressive limousines available on the market. It is a limousine combined with style and comfort. The Lincoln Navigator Limousine is actually well known due to its clean, seamless design and also it is undeniable versatility. This exclusive limousine is in large demand from customers for various events.

Hummer Limo

Stretch limo will support as much as 12 persons. However Hummer limousines can carry twice as much as that. If you would like to carry 24 passengers and you want luxurious transportation, there is no other ways to take than to rent a Hummer limousine. If you rent this Philadelphia limousine, then you will be sure that everybody will fit easily to transport.

Cadillac Escalade Limousine

Renting stretch Escalade limousine indicates that you have style! The Cadillac Escalade Limousine is among the most recent improvements to the model line-up. It comes with a nicely interior that includes all of the advanced features. This super-stretch limousine come with LCD TV , avonite-topped pubs with light-weight aluminum trim , stainless-steel starlight headliner , comfortable seating and also a hi-end audio systems as regular equipment . Such a limousine is usually seen in the Airport.

Traveling in a spacious and luxury limo

Limousines have become an elegant mode of transportation which is only limited to people who are able to afford it or special occasions. Situations have changed, and many limousines are coming up in every state. Limousine trend has scattered to even the quietest towns and now a lot of people ride limousines in their daily trips. Although many limousines seem to have been overrated and also unpopular, they are surely coming back around for your common prom date or even exclusive party. People today not only hire New York limousine for special occasions but also for work, nights out, not to mention for trips to the airport.

A limousine will actually make people feel exclusive if it is something which they are not accustomed to and it could be the icing on the cake to a significantly awaited night such as a particular birthday, a prom, or even just for night out. Continue reading

Traveling with style on Limousine

Hiring a limousine is the most convenient way to arrive at a bachelor occasion. Today’s limousines will offer you advanced features such as big flat screen TV, mini bars, colorful lighting, fog machines, and high quality audio systems. Riding a limousine can make it a night to memorize. No bachelor party is flawless without limo.

Travel in the amazing style and luxury as you go to the liveliest clubs, bars, grand fashion or gentlemen’s clubs in luxury and style in your limo. Your limo service will offer a chauffeured driver who can take you there safely.

Assuming you have a bigger group, hiring orange county limousine can be the best solution. These vehicles can easily carry larger group of people and furnished with amazing features with more space. Some are also equipped with hot tubs.

Relying upon your preferences and party mood, it is possible to rent a standard limo, or even a luxurious limo filled with a mini bar, TV, modern audio and communication system, multi-mode lighting, wifi and many more. You might be picked up at one destination, and then dropped off at another. Certainly, you can also make stops in the middle of your trip. Just explain to your limo driver, and he will put up the necessary arrangements.

Many limo services provide you with personalized bachelor party packages so that you can customize your party sensation. With Westchester limo service, you do not have to wait around for taxi cabs or even ride on old school bus. Take a trip in style with a deluxe limousine and you will feel that there is not any better mode of transportation for the night of the bachelor party.