Custom Printed Lanyards For Your Brand

Many businesses in Singapore are searching for solutions to maintain a good relationship with their clients or customers and one of the most effective marketing tools to boost your brands is by using custom printed lanyards.

Where should you start if you want to make some printed lanyards? For many companies, the first alternative is to contact a wholesale supplier, as they usually offer quality lanyards for bulk orders and have them shipped to you fast. This is most effective if you have a business or marketing event at hand, or even if you want to give them to your employees and staff.

When ordered in bulk orders, printed lanyards can be purchased at an affordable price. You can choose the best suited material, colors, width, and lengths for your lanyards. Continue reading

All About London Fashion Week

The latest collections from the leading fashion brands and designers are exhibited in London Fashion Week. The shows are the spotlight of most fashion week, which is the venue in which fashion lovers, shoppers, and also members of the media may take part in the unveiling of the most recent promotions of the designers in the fashion industry. In London, fashion week is scheduled twice a year and earlier than the arrival of the new season to ensure that shoppers and the media are presented a preliminary view of what the fashion brands have for the next season. The schedule is usually set accordingly to ensure that retailers have enough time to include the designs into their own promotion and plan purchases in advance. The winter and autumn collections are exhibited in the months of January to April, as the summer and spring collections are released in the months of September to November. Continue reading

Outfits – Down By The River

I love the fact that in the holidays I have all the time in the world to walk around my city and visit as many places as I can, this was what I did this day. I spent an afternoon by the river, and it is definitely a gorgeous place. I took some photos to show you my outfit that day, I’m wearing some new stuff that I got in London and that I’ve been wearing a lot this summer, if you want to get something similar just click the small icons down the post. What is your fav item? Have a nice week.. Continue reading

OUTIFTS – lolita

I’ve been loving this hot, long, relaxed summer days. This photos were taken a while ago, after a day at the pool, which can explain the waves in my hair or my super simple outfit. I don’t think that I’ve showed you this shorts before, I bought them at lefties for a really good price and I’ve been wearing them a lot because they’re really easy and practical, do you like them? I hope you’re enjoying your holidays and summer as much as I am. Have a lovely day you all!


Style Godis

This is definitely one of those “Oh my Goood!!” shops that just leaves my chin fallen and makes me want to get everything. They may not have loads of products, but the ones they have are certainly really really freaking awesome. I don’t even know where to start… Their lookbooks, how amazing is this california punk-festival vibe? Not only the lookbooks but also the clothes have a really cool, free and young spirit in it that I love, as you all know. Continue reading