Modern Chinese Cheongsam

Today, you can find custom Cheongsam at online boutiques in Singapore. The traditional style is customized with focus on functionality due to its fashionable touch in its custom designs. Now, any women may wear the Cheongsam combined with a cape, scarf or even jacket and also can be worn as uniforms for daily activities. Additionally, in modern times the Cheongsam is really versatile which also can be worn to formal gatherings or even business meeting.

On top of that, it is not only Chinese women that can wear Cheongsam, even business executives and many celebrities have been wearing these traditional dresses. Continue reading

Buy Cheap Retro dresses with Free shipping

Most of us love shopping online. As it will be quicker, cheaper, and more convenient! You don’t have to spend the hectic day on your own feet, visiting and checking every store with quite heavy bags.

Choosing retro dresses for Women might be difficult but Free Shipping and also Free Returns can make it easy to take that initial step. I will show you the most up-to-date Retro clothing store which has all the great prices at great styles and Free shipping as well!

I found Bella Retro which is specialized in retro clothing for women. Bella Retro offers sleeves, outwears, swimwear, plus size dresses and so on. Bella Retro has an online store where you can buy quality retro dresses. Continue reading

Streetwear – How to get a cool look

One type of fashion which is considered to be continuously evolving with the influences of the street and urban lifestyle is streetwear. Generally, the streetwear might possibly relate to the clothing product lines which are worn casually, such as hoodies, jeans, t-shirt, footwear, and baseball caps.

As the style and design of the streetwear continues to improve and evolve, it might be very hard to categorize, and clothing designers are trying to create more creative, innovative and unique designs offered to market today. The main objective in this clothing line is to supply you with a huge selection of casual wear which is more comfortableto wear and gives a perfect look premium fabric which is completely different to the mainstream items easily obtainable in the shopping malls. Continue reading

Choosing the right size of hoodie

Women’s hoodies are good for women to create a fashion statement. You will find many different hoodies to pick from that can make it easy for most women to find one which will look wonderful on her and give the comfort level that most women are searching for. OtherLinks have a lot of collections of hoodies that you can buy and if you are planning on buying a hoodie on that site then there are numerous things that you should consider.

Something you will need to consider is the size of hoodie you might want to wear. You will realize that most men who wear hoodies usually get one larger than their shirt size. It is because a larger sized hoodie is much more comfortable when compared with one which is smaller. Nevertheless, most women prefer to purchase hoodies which are the same size as their shirt size to make sure that their hoodies can be form fitting. Continue reading

Graffiti and Today Fashion

Graffiti is a method of visual communication to express point of view on nearly anything. We think that whatever you decide and do, we must always be free to express ourselves and keep being you and do what you doing. Stay free and stay wild, because this is the only way we can truly and fully enjoy ourselves.

Graffiti and street art has been achieving worldwide recognition from the art enthusiasts ever more as an established form of art. Influenced by this aesthetic street lifestyle and Due to its complexity, it might be very difficult to read by people who are unfamiliar with it. Continue reading