T-shirt has become a cheap and effective Promotional item in Singapore

If you want something more effective for promotion in Singapore, try to find a medium which is budget-friendly. Lucky to know that you can try stylish item that matches the category. Promotional t-shirt is one of the best media that allow you to express what you would like to say to the world. What are the benefits of promotional t-shirts to business, schools, as well as other industries?

T-shirts For Business
Apart from selling it, t-shirt is a stunning free gift for product launch, job fairs, trade fairs and many other events in Singapore. These t-shirts are given 100% free. By doing this, people can promote the brand by just wearing it and walking through a crowded areas or a simple walk inside the mall in Singapore. Continue reading

Beauty with a Latina Edge

As I’m sure you’ve OBVS noticed, there’s been a lack of posts on this site lately. I took the summer off from blogging to work on my tan and my beer belly, and to figure out my blogging life. It took a lot of cocktails and there was even an iPhone fatality involved (I dropped it in the pool while texting, oops), but I’m back and I’ve got news!

Going forward, this site will become more of a lifestyle website, focusing more on shoes and booze and events, and even beauty from a personal perspective, but generally, most things beauty will be showcased on my new site, Beauty Piñata.

Beauty Piñata: Beauty with a Latina Edge, will focus on beauty for and from a Latina perspective. It’s still in its baby stages, as I’ve been on vacation, but it’s finally coming together nicely and I hope you’ll share this new adventure with me! Continue reading

My Favorite Kind of Flip-Flop: Havaianas Sandals

“Every woman should own three pairs of shoes: high heels, flat shoes, and Havaianas.” – Christian Louboutin

Well, well, Mr. Louboutin, if you say it then it must be so. This past summer I was lucky enough to try out my first pair of Havaianas, a way popular brand of flip flops.
I own at least 60 pairs of flip-flops. I’m not exaggerating – you know my love for shoes runs deep, and flippie-floppies are no exception. That being said, I have pairs scattered everywhere: in my purses, cars, bedroom, backyard, wherever and whenever. Comfort and variety is key; I need a color to match every outfit/purse/accessory I own, and I need them to feel like clouds, especially after an 8+ hour stretch in heels.

While Havaianas aren’t THE MOST comfortable brand I’ve ever tried, they’re up there. I’d give them 4/5 stars, because after walking around downtown LA all day they started wearin’ and tearin’ on the inside of my toesies. Continue reading

5 Benefits of Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick can look very neat and classy. It does not need a glossy finish and it is also easy to apply for your makeup routine. The perfect look can be achieved with this lipstick is with a shade that easily blends with your skin tone. Additionally, this is a form of makeup that matches up almost every other makeup. Let’s have a look at a few of the benefits of matte lipstick:

1. Low-maintenance

Compared to the glossy ones, the matte lipstick can last quite a long time. Although it might be required to reapply once a day to keep the perfect look, there is no risk of having issues about cracking, caking, or even needing a layer of moisture.

2. Low transfer

This kind of lipstick is actually smudged free. It keeps being in place after the first application and is not going to spread during the day. It is an excellent lip product to give you more confidence as it will not transfer when doing daily activities, such as drinking a cup of coffee or eating a sandwich. Other types of lipstick must be wiped most often, but this will not happen when you use matte lipstick. Continue reading

Modern Chinese Cheongsam

Today, you can find custom Cheongsam at online boutiques in Singapore. The traditional style is customized with focus on functionality due to its fashionable touch in its custom designs. Now, any women may wear the Cheongsam combined with a cape, scarf or even jacket and also can be worn as uniforms for daily activities. Additionally, in modern times the Cheongsam is really versatile which also can be worn to formal gatherings or even business meeting.

On top of that, it is not only Chinese women that can wear Cheongsam, even business executives and many celebrities have been wearing these traditional dresses. Continue reading