2022 Shapewear Bodysuits Trendy You Need to Know

Every year the trends change and you need to follow them so that you will always be fashionable. The same goes for shapewear, especially for bodysuits. With every new year their designs improve and they are more easy to wear and to integrate in your day to day outfits.

Below you will be able to find out the best bodysuits from 2022 that you have to try and add to your wardrobe.

The full coverage bodysuit with side zipper

As you well know most shapewear bodysuits have their zipper in the middle, but this innovative bodysuit has it on the right side. It comes in two colors black and nude and I advise you to get both, because this way you will not have to worry regardless of what you will be wearing. It is perfect if you have a bit of tummy and some excess fat on your back or thighs. It will reshape your entire body and hide any excess fat you might have. You will look with a few sizes slimmer and you will be able to wear whatever your heart desires when it comes to your outfits!


The bodysuit with low back

What if you need to wear a blouse or a dress with a low back cut? You will need an appropriate bodysuit for that! And this low back cut bodysuit is the perfect choice. It will remodel your inner thighs, your booty, your waist and it will lift your breasts too. It has adjustable thin straps so that you can set so that you will feel perfectly comfortable. It also comes in black and nude and the best thing about it is it has all the possible sizes, from XS and all the way to 6XL.


The bodysuit with tummy control and butt lifter

What if you have thin thighs but you want to have a smaller waist line and a round and lifted butt, just like a peach? Well, for this you have to go and pick a bodysuit that will add compression to your waist and tummy, so that it will hide any excess fat you might have on those areas and a design that will highlight your backside for a lifted booty.


The backless thong bodysuit

The hottest piece of the new 2022 season is by far the backless thong bodysuit! This sexy piece of shapewear will showcase your waist trainer before and after result by making your body even closer to perfection! It will also make you feel super sexy while wearing it! It will make your waist smaller, your tummy flat and it will lift your breasts! It’s perfect to be worn under very tight clothes, with jeans and with blouses or dresses with open back and wide décolletage.


The bodysuit with long sleeves

Do you want a bodysuit that you can actually wear with jeans or skirts without having to add a shirt over? Then the best shapewear for women is the bodysuit with long sleeves. This is a perfect fit for you! It is made out of soft fabric which masks it super comfortable and it can be worn during winter time underneath your sweaters or during spring or fall with jeans! It will reshape your upper body by making your waist line smaller and your abdomen flat, so you will look super sexy when wearing it with skinny trousers!




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