3D Mask Micro-Rhinoplasty

3D mask surgeryThe cosmetic surgery that transforms the shape of the nose is called Rhinoplasty. Men and women want to know of how they may look before and also after the surgical procedure and you will find latest solutions to do this. You can use 2D or 3D solutions that offer a good option on a computer display screen , nevertheless the most popular “before and after” 3D mask solutions created by Dr . Avsar, can provide the patient with an excellent insight into how they will look after cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Avsar really likes presenting to his patients with a clear vision of the how they may seem to be after their nose surgical treatment. He has long been creating actual 3D models for long time now to demonstrate the finalized look, though with the advancement of 3D printing, he has made a far better and more accurate solution to demonstrate to his patients their post-surgery look. He was impressed after watching a 3D printing and scanning system in action. He thought that he could perform a scan of the patient’s face, simply modify it in 3D by means of CAD tools and after a while produce a mask.

At their consultation, special computer software is utilized to perform a 3D scan of the patient’s face. A 3D model of the face in which the surgery will be performed is then created. The ending picture is an excellent sample of how they will appear after the nose surgery. Afterwards, the ‘before and after’ photos are printed using 3D printer which include color face masks.

The innovative surgery of Microrhinoplasty will depend on the usage of micro-instrumentation resources in rhinoplasty . You will find 3 primary facilities which are used such as video-endoscopy with magnification ability, micro-cutting, micro-rasping blades and also micro-surgical instruments.
The bony nasal vault is reshaped by means of the magnification power of video-endoscopy. It is usually applied in high-oriented septal deviations therapy, glabella surgical treatment, mucosal tears restoration, septal spurs treatments and also to handle bleeding in the course of rhinoplasty . Micro-motor-aided bony vault surgical treatment by means of video-endoscopy is surgery aimed at the helpful use of micro rasping and micro cutting blades to modify the nose’s bony composition.

The blades utilized throughout video-endoscopy were created by YakupAvsar . Such blades are utilized to hump reduction rasping, medial osteotomy, lateral and transverse osteotomies and also Aufricht triangle customization surgical procedures. Split-thickness osteotomy is the surgical treatment in which an unfinished cut is done on the lateral nasal walls with the intention to keep the bony nasal vault solid. Dr. Avsar was the founder of this surgical procedure and has provided a lot of benefits to the cosmetic surgery technology.

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