80s Halloween Costumes For Couples

Halloween celebration is a time people get to bond with families and friends. It is also a period when couples get to wear matching costumes. Most times couples don’t know what to wear, this might be as a result of a busy work schedule, confusion on what type of outfit to wear, etc.

Most Baby Boomers and Millennial couples prefer to wear something different from what others are wearing. Most times they like throwing it back to the past. They prefer costumes from the  80s. According to them, these costumes are rare and Unique.

Have you decided with your partner to wear something old school for Halloween? Or are you confused about what costume to wear?

Don’t stress yourself out, we have got you covered in this article. The following are different types of costumes you can wear with your partner for Halloween. Go through them and choose the one you feel might fit you guys. 

Note: These 80s Halloween costumes for couples can be worn by any set of couples. Newly married couples, those who are yet to marry, and those who have been married for years can wear it.

 Top Gun 

One of the most popular Action/Adventure movies of the 80s. If you want to look like paramilitary personnel for Halloween, Top Gun Costume is the perfect fit for you and your partner. What you need for this costume are a brown jumpsuit and some patriotic patches. 

Beetlejuice and Lydia Costume 

Do you want to have that weird and scary look for Halloween? This costume right here is the best fit for you and your spouse. Be ready to make people scared when you wear this outfit.  The inspiration for this outfit is from Tim Burton’s movie Beetlejuice. 

Princess Diana and Prince Charles 

One of the finest costumes from the 80s, you can recreate this stylish and classic look with your partner. If you want to look like a royal entity for Halloween, look no further. This is the best costume for you and your partner. 

Elliot and E.T costume 

This is a magnificent costume from the 80s. You don’t need much to make this look come to a reality. You can wear a red hoodie, and cover your sweetheart in a blanket. This is higher for couples who play a lot, are Goofy, and don’t mind trying new things. 

Johnny and Baby Costume 

This is a costume adapted from the movie Dirty Dancing, a romantic movie released in the 80s. The guy will dress like Johnny castle wearing Jeans and Singlet. The lady on the other hand will dress like Frances Baby, a three-quarter Jean, and a fitted shirt. 

Tony Montana and Elvira Costume 

You want to look like a gangster for Halloween, this is a very nice costume to wear with your lover. The man wears a white suit with a redshirt. On the other hand, the woman puts on a silk-loose fitted gown. Recommended for couples who are fascinated by Gangster movies.


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