Beauty with a Latina Edge

As I’m sure you’ve OBVS noticed, there’s been a lack of posts on this site lately. I took the summer off from blogging to work on my tan and my beer belly, and to figure out my blogging life. It took a lot of cocktails and there was even an iPhone fatality involved (I dropped it in the pool while texting, oops), but I’m back and I’ve got news!

Going forward, this site will become more of a lifestyle website, focusing more on shoes and booze and events, and even beauty from a personal perspective, but generally, most things beauty will be showcased on my new site, Beauty Piñata.

Beauty Piñata: Beauty with a Latina Edge, will focus on beauty for and from a Latina perspective. It’s still in its baby stages, as I’ve been on vacation, but it’s finally coming together nicely and I hope you’ll share this new adventure with me! The idea was sparked by the beautiful Nadine Jolie in a conversation we had last spring, and Alyson from the Gloss Menagerie helped me come up with the name in one of our blogging brainstorm sessions, so I want to give a giant gracias to both of those amazing bloggers!

Please visit Beauty Piñata and be sure to follow @BeautyPinata on Twitter! It should be said: Beauty Piñata will NOT be JUST for Latinas, but it will address Latina beauty needs moreso than other sites do, so don’t give me the excuse that you aren’t brown sugar, okay?!

Additionally, there’s been a few changes in the categories of So Much Pretty!, as I will start blogging with more of my personal snark and sass and the occasional cuss-word (i.e. in more of my own voice) so if you’re offended by my awesomeness, now’s the time to find a new read!

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