Conference Planning – How to Organize a Conference

A highly effective conference planinng will take considerable time, commitment and discipline. You must consider what particular goal your conference will be running. Conferences is usually held as either seminars, workshop, sales conference, training courses, incentive events , and these various concepts will include many different challenges in conference planinng. In this article , I would like to share some aspects to consider in organizing a conference.

Conference Coordinator and Committee

The starting point in preparing your conference is setting up a committee and a Conference Coordinator. The size of your committee must be determined by the size of your conference, as an big committee may result in poor organization and indecisiveness.

The Coordinator either can be selected internally or even externally, this means that, either one of the available members of the committee, or even an individual who is skillful in conference planning and is hired from an agency for their services. Though it is typical to select someone already helping on the committee, selecting an external coordinator makes it possible for the committee members to always keep concentrated on the things more central to their common tasks.


A conference budget must also be set through a careful process involving the coordinator, committee, and sponsor. A spending budget must not be viewed as a financial document, but alternatively as a planning and control document. It usually includes anticipated costs, funding sources as well as expected revenue and profits.

Location or Venue

The bottom line when choosing a location or venue for your conference will need considerable time. The more time you will need to choose a venue, the better your choices might be. Matching the facilities of the venue with your conference is important, for example, when you are planning your conference with a lot of leisure time, the conference site must be situated near local attractions and restaurants.

Presenter or Speaker

Next in the preparation process is choosing the right presenters and speakers who can act as an attraction. Handful of things can result in more damage to a nicely designed conference than unacceptable topics or even unskilled speakers.

One great way to avoid this issue with speaker topics is to produce a call for papers. Speakers will then be selected from respondents. The other way is mindful planning by the Conference Committee, the coordinator, as well as the sponsor. When the people in charge of the conference have completed their homework, they will know the type of topics they really want to cover, and their task can be narrowed to finding speakers with practical knowledge on the desired topics.

Planning the program of the conference is a certainly needed, as it can be completed in many different methods. An excellent program will have positive impact to prime quality sessions, while a badly planned schedule will make conferees losing interest in activity plans that must be attracting the maximum attention.

After you have successfully completed the conference, those who attended your conference would have lasting memory of how inspiring and informative it was and will be coming back next year with much more interest than before.

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