Dramatic Eye Makeup Tips

uyytrIf you are somewhat confused as to how you’re supposed to put on make up, well then this article will help you with this dilemma. After reading this, you might just find your way into becoming a professional when creating a dramatic effect with your make up. Read on and find out more about dramatic eye make up tips. The way or how much your eye stands out is greatly dependent on the colors that you choose. Along with this, mascara and eyeliner can further enhance the effect you’re trying to pull off. Most of the time eyeliner and mascara completes the dramatic illusion.

Dramatic eye make up tips #1
The first thing to do when you want to learn how to create a dramatic effect with your make up is actually find an eye shadow than can greatly compliment the color of your eyes. For instance, people who have blue eyes will look good in several shades of brown. On the other hand, green eyes work best with shades and colors such as plum, brownish red colors as well as rusty browns. Nonetheless, what will work best for brown eyes are colors such as deep blues, purples as well as violets.  Shades of gold, turquoises, greens, browns, and pinks, nonetheless can be used for hazel colored eyes. An important note is that hazel colored eyes and brown eye usually work well with almost any color there is. When you are able to match a certain shades or colors to the color of you eyes, you will be able to create a dramatic effect.


Dramatic eye make up tips #2
Another thing you can do to add a dramatic effect to the look is to apply your deepest darkest shade over top of the eyelid. After that, apply medium shade over your lid up to the brow bone.  Finally, apply the lightest shade to the area directly below your brows. The lightest shade for your should appear lighter as your skin tone. It is important that you see to that the colors mix well with each other. In order to create a nice polished look then you have to achieve a good blend of colors. To further enhance the dramatic effect, the deepest shade that you have applied over the top of the eyelid should also be applied at the bottom.

Use your eye shadow applicator in the same manner that you will use a pencil or eyeliner. The lightest shades you have applied under your eyebrows should also be applied within the corners of the lower lid. It is important that throughout this whole process, you apply your eye shadow in the same manner you will use a pencil or eyeliner. The finishing touches of the whole look are done by the eyeliner and the mascara. You have to draw a line on top of the lashes of the eyelid to make it even more distinct. After this you can apply mascara to your lashes to enhance the overall look. And there you have it, a dramatic look which surely attracts attention. If you are looking for a more dramatic inspiration, check out Ladygaga.

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