Dressing for Summer

When it comes to traveling for your Summer Vacation, there are many ins and outs to take into consideration before your trip. Naturally, you’re going to want to make all of the arrangements like airfare and a hotel room, but there are other, less obvious facets of any great vacation for you to invest in. So, after you book your hotel room with Crown Plaza Hotels and book your flight, be sure to turn your eye to your wardrobe, That’s right. As with many facets of life, how you look directly impacts how you feel, and you can’t make the most of your vacation with a sub optimal look. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect vacation ensemble.

First and foremost, dress to your destination and the weather, Before you worry about what you look like, you need to know what Mother Nature is going to have in store for you during your trip and dress accordingly. For example, a cooler region requires longer sleeves, dressing in layers, and maybe even boots, while a tropical climate necessitates short sleeves and pants and breathable fabric. Dressing by this golden rule will give you the foundation your need to create a great and comfortable look.

Next, there’s the fashion side of things. In this regard, there are many ways to create a beautiful and novel look with minimal effort. For starters, consider the power of floral prints. Flowers are one of mankind’s longest lasting love affairs when it comes to natural beauty, so it’s no wonder they create striking patterns for our clothing. Take advantage of this by applying simple patterns of a few prominent colors and a simple background. Don’t choose a print that’s too loud or busy; keep it subtle and classy. Summers can also be evocative of warmer weather and the liveliness of the natural world, so it’s on theme with your dream vacation.

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