Elemis Pro-Collagen Super System

bgt557I am always asked by my brides-to-be (and also mother-of -the brides) for my top skincare recommendations, as every bride/ mum wants their skin to be in the best condition possible for the wedding day.

Every one of my clients has different concerns – for some ladies it may be pigmentation, for others it may be oily skin/ blemishes. For those who are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles though, I have found the answer to gaining salon like results, but in the comfort of your own home.

For some of my clients, regular facials and time at a salon is part of the pre-wedding process. However, there are some ladies for whom salon visits are just not possible – this can be a time issue (preparing for a wedding along with a regular day job can be demanding time wise) and for others, cost may be a consideration.

Years ago, visible / dramatic results were only really achievable from salons with regular treatments at a considered cost. However, for those looking for a solution to fine lines and wrinkles (for sagging skin Elemis have an alternative treatment called Pro-Intense which is aimed more for sagging skin with a loss of elasticity), then the Pro-collagen Super System is definitely something I would recommend to my clients.

Elemis took 3 years to develop this system – using the latest in skincare technology (which delivers clinical proven results), this is a skincare 30 day treatment which will give you results which are visible to see in the mirror after the 30 days – a more smoother, radiant and moisturised skin and we all know that this means YOUNGER looking skin – which is something that we all look to achieve and hold on to for as long as we can!


This kit targets

Fine lines

The depth of wrinkles

Lack of moisture

Clinically proven results:

Reduction in fine lines *

Reduction in wrinkle depth *

Smoother skin*

I cannot stop talking about this kit to my clients/ friends as it is absolutely AMAZING. I have been recommending various Elemis products for years now as they always deliver on their promises – however, this kit takes the results to a whole new level and my skin really has changed for the better in 30 days. I wouldn’t normally expect to see such dramatic results from products you can use at home. My skin is more plump and feels a lot more dense/ stronger. Not only are my fine lines/ wrinkles looking more reduced, the smoothness of my skin is what has made the biggest visible different (especially on my cheek area). My skin feels moisturised without any greasy residue. I love this and highly recommend it to anyone looking for quick anti-ageing results in 30 days.


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