Few things you should know about Titanium Jewelry

gaqerMany jewelers now specialize in titanium jewelry. Taking a look around the internet, there is an endless supply of websites that offer custom-made titanium jewelry including rings, pendants, wedding bands, cufflinks, earrings, bracelets and chains. Most anything that can be bought in gold can now be bought in titanium as well. Plain bands, etched bands, diamond settings, engraved items and colored pieces of jewelry are all available in titanium.

Although titanium is sold in various grades, jewelers normally use and recommend the aircraft grade titanium for individuals who are buying rings specifically for strength and durability. Solid billets of titanium are crafted on a lathe to make rings so there are no seams or welds in the titanium. Reputable jewelers sculpt the solid titanium rather than forging, casting or using tubes. Since there are no weak points, it is almost impossible to break titanium. In fact, because of the ability to endure, some jewelers offer lifetime warranties on titanium jewelry.


When purchasing a titanium ring, the jeweler will speak about “comfort-fit” versus “pipe-fit”. Because of the hard shaping of titanium, to wear the ring comfortably and easily, the edges and interior of the ring must be softened or rounded off. Some jewelers only round the outside edges leaving the interior like a pipe, which makes the ring uncomfortable to wear for many hours at a time. If purchasing as a wedding ring to be worn forever, it needs to be comfortable. Also, rings that are not tapered both inside and out will be more difficult to remove from the finger.

Skilled and talented jewelers will also mix gold, silver or platinum with the titanium to create another effect all together. When using precious metals, the rings must be stamped with their karat weight inside the jewelry. When requesting inlays of gold or platinum, be sure the jeweler is using actual precious metals and not plated materials.

Stones may be added to the pieces, so for instance, if a wedding set of diamond ring and band is chosen, the engagement diamond may be set in the titanium with gold bezels, claws or tension rings. Be cautious of jewelers who glue the stones onto the titanium. The precious stone is sure to end up lost.

Unlike the rings made of precious metals, which can easily be sized up or down, titanium is more difficult to resize. If the ring is to be given as an engagement ring, the bride should be present to ensure proper sizing. Reputable titanium jewelers, will however, allow you to bring along another ring for the sizing so if the engagement ring is absolutely a surprise, there are ways to work around the bride being absent.

The width of the ring will be important, as well, as some people’s fingers are shorter than others are. When wearing the ring, the hand should be able to make a first without the ring pinching the skin. If the width is too wide, and the wearer cannot make a fist at all, the design is not acceptable for that person.

Titanium is generally impervious to acids, saltwater and other normally corrosive materials. It is not affected by heat or cold and does interact with the body’s normal energies. It is considered hypoallergenic, strong and durable and is inexpensive. It is sharp looking and appealing to the eye. For all these reasons, titanium is now a very popular jewelry material.

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