Graffiti and Today Fashion

Graffiti is a method of visual communication to express point of view on nearly anything. We think that whatever you decide and do, we must always be free to express ourselves and keep being you and do what you doing. Stay free and stay wild, because this is the only way we can truly and fully enjoy ourselves.

Graffiti and street art has been achieving worldwide recognition from the art enthusiasts ever more as an established form of art. Influenced by this aesthetic street lifestyle and Due to its complexity, it might be very difficult to read by people who are unfamiliar with it.

Graffiti is a way of expression by means of markers and paints done on walls of public places. The majority of them can be found in streets- buildings, fences, or even anywhere graffiti artists can spray on. Graffiti had become popular even with the prohibition of the authorities. It grew to become a form of art which are used and found not only on public places but even on hoodies, caps, sneakers, t-shirts, and many other things.

People love graffiti due to its invasion on the t-shirt designs. They might come in unique style. They are usually printed on hoodies, t-shirts and most of them are digitally printed. Today, you will find street art used in clothing and the impact of graffiti and street art on fashion can be found on many streetwears. Street art opens different methods of expression and communication, and that’s why it is very flexible.

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