Green Chic – the best online shopping platform for organic beauty products in UAE

gt565With an increasing number of beauty products claiming to be ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘non-toxic’, it can be tricky finding products that authentically deliver on that. And while this does mean that conscious consumers have to carry out their own product research to identify these authentic brands, it takes time and a lot of experience figuring it all out.

That said, a new online store called Green Chic  launched in the UAE to help consumers in getting the best natural beauty products. Green Chic offers a curated selection of organic and natural beauty products from different parts of the world. They screen through brands to ensure that the products are truly natural and ethically made, but effectiveness is another key component.

For founder Vila Vasoodaven, it was about finding products that were natural, without compromising on effectiveness – ‘Natural beauty products use a lot of great ingredients that treat the area of concern as well as nourish your skin. Particularly with the new generation of skincare and makeup, we wanted to showcase how natural products can deliver on results and provide contemporary options’. With 14 toxic ingredients including parabens, SLS and phthalates excluded in all their products, you can rest assured that you can get the green cosmetics you are looking for.

The idea behind the toxic ingredients list was to be help consumers know where Green Chic  stood on the standards of products chosen. It also serves to help consumers in deciphering ingredients lists out as it can get confusing.

The list is made up of ingredients where research, well-informed natural beauty stores or global organisations have deemed as risk factors to our health. For example, the European Commission has found there is sufficient evidence that dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is an endocrine disruptor so for that reason phthalates has been included in the list.

As a user of natural beauty products, Vila found it wasn’t easy finding the products she wanted or often times, there were many products claiming to be natural when this wasn’t always the case. So the idea of Green Chic was born out of the desire to bring great brands together, in one online store.

Launching in April this year, the ecommerce shop has 6 skincare brands, a mix of international brands such as Grown Alchemist and The Organic Pharmacy, along with local hero brands Shirley Conlon Organics and Izil Beauty. As of October, Green Chic expanded into providing natural makeup with the launch of natural and organic makeup line Ilia Beauty alongside green beauty staple, Jane Iredale. Both brands offer a range of products from lipsticks, foundations to illuminators and tinted moisturisers.

The whole idea for Green Chic is to offer great natural products but also help educate consumers on natural beauty. With the first of their workshops on natural makeup launched, there are more workshops in the pipeline covering different aspects of natural beauty from skincare to meet the maker sessions planned for early 2018.

To find out more about Green Chic  and the products they have, visit

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