Healthy Foods For Healthy Skin

dgtgreSkin is our body’s largest organ , also it should get all the nutritional TLC that sometimes we  can give it . So you need to find out what you are feeding yourself , will be feeding your skin as well .
One of the most crucial components for the skin health is vitamin A , and most likely among the best sources of it is low-fat milk products . Perhaps it is said the overall health of our skin will depend on vitamin A . Low-fat yogurt is not just high in vitamin A , but also acidophilus , the “live” bacteria which is beneficial for intestinal health . this may also enhance the beauty of the skin , as it helps with digestion . Some other sources of vitamin A include cod liver oil , , carrots , leafy vegetables , sweet potatoes and cereals .

It’s essential to also ensure you’re consuming foods containing more antioxidants . The advantages of such foods for healthy skin are numerous . The antioxidants as well as other phytochemicals in these fruits are able to give protection to the skin cells , so there will be less chance for damage to your skin . This progressively protects against early aging , and helps keeping skin looking more youthful . Some other vegetables and fruits which are rich in antioxidants may include artichokes , red , and pinto beans , prunes , and pecans .

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