Holiday Makeup Tips For The 2022 Holiday Season

This year, you might be feeling extra festive. Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, there’s no better time to spruce up your makeup look. Here are some tips for creating a holiday look that will help you feel festive and beautiful all at the same time.

Before you start, take a moment to think about your holiday beauty schedule. Will you be traveling? If so, what will your luggage restrictions be? Do you need to pack lightly or can you take a few extra items? Are there any specific events (cocktail parties, weddings) that will require more elaborate beauty looks?

Once you’ve decided which products you’ll need for the season, it’s time to figure out how to make them work for your skin type. If you have dry skin, don’t forget to moisturize before applying foundation and concealer. If your skin tends to get oily throughout the day, try using powder instead of liquid foundations and setting sprays. And if your skin is normal, stick with whatever makeup routine works best on your face.

When choosing colors for lipstick and blush, keep in mind that reds and pinks tend to look more colorful against brown skin than they do against fair skin tones. Brown lipstick shades will also look better with dark eyes than red ones would because they’ll complement the color of your irises instead of standing out awkwardly against them.

Try a bold color on your lips: When choosing a lipstick for the holidays, something bright and eye-catching is always a good option. You can go for a red lip or choose something more subtle like pink or coral tones. Either way, it’ll make a big statement!

For the eyes, opt for shadows over liner: Eye shadow is an easy way to add dimension to your look for the holidays — just choose shades that complement your skin tone and work as an eyeliner if necessary. If you want something more dramatic, try adding glittery shades around the eye area.

Finish off with a pop of glitter: To top off your look, apply a small amount of glitter over any other cosmetics you’ve used (eyeshadow included). This will give your face an extra sparkle that’s sure to get everyone smiling!

No matter what makeup look you go for remember that ultimately your inner beauty is what makes you beautiful.

Have a safe and fun holiday season!


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