Home treatments for diarrhea in infants

nbazFor many parent the common question in their heads is that whether my baby have diarrhea or not. Originally, most babies come with soft textured stools, whenever a parent identifies a significant change in the infant’s bowel motion it could be diarrhea. You will also observe that the feces is watery while getting more frequent. Nevertheless, when it is a single diaper change with a stool, you do not to worry about it. Keep in mind, your baby is fast growing and his or her eating patterns may change and will cause their bowel movements.

Most new parents are wondering at the many times an infant has a messy diaper. Some infants poop after each feed, most especially when they are getting breastfed. Of course, with the initiation of solid food, the rate of recurrence of the bowel movement might change and must be less often. Be informed that each infant differs from the others. What is actually normal for your baby will not usually be normal for others? You will find several causes for infant diarrhea. The most typical cause is a bacterial or viral infection. Another typical cause could be a food allergic sensitivity or in case the baby were fed with an excessive amount of fruit juices. When the baby is prescribed by doctors for a medication, these often tend to worsen the gastrointestinal system and lead to diarrhea.

When your baby has diarrhea, they might be losing water and salts that should be replaced to prevent dehydration. Look closely at the symptoms of dehydration. They include reduced urine output , which means you must observe less wet diapers , a mouth dryness , your infant will not tear up when crying , drowsiness , or even irritated . Now, keep in mind, dehydration may appear fairly quickly, within 24 to 48 hours. Contact your pediatrician right away, if you feel your baby is not properly hydrated.

When your baby has diarrhea, it is advisable to stick to a special diet. The ultimate thing you want is to resolve the condition. What exactly do you feed your infant? Complex carbohydrates indicate to be less annoying on the stomach and intestines, particularly when one suffers from diarrhea. Thankfully, you can also find certain foods that you can feed your infant whom can certainly stop the disease. Such foods are strained bananas, oatmeal, pasta, apple sauce, cereal and also mashed potatoes.

Yogurt and dry toast with live cultures may even help relieve the condition. Be cautious to stay away from the following milk products, prunes, pears, apricots, peaches , and also fruit juices particularly pear , cherry and apple . Keep in mind that apple sauce can minimize diarrhea while, apple juice can make worse the condition. The reason is the fact that apple sauce has pectin, which is actually an ingredient which will make feces more solid, while apple juice comes with sorbitol, which can make diarrhea in infants more serious. When you are breast feeding your infant, carry on and do so. Nevertheless, stay away from caffeinated products since this can worsen the baby’s intestine. When such home treatments fail to work please seek advice from your baby’s pediatrician.


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