How a quirky wedding venue can make your wedding extra fun

Nowadays the traditional wedding seems to have been changed by more quirky considerations. The times of the ‘white’ wedding appear to be numbered. Couples are trying to take their personalities ahead and take pleasure in their imaginations with regards to the big day. Keep in mind, your wedding should not take the sort of a Star Trek custom to be considered quirky or even unusual. Below are a few options which can hopefully inspire.

What you should wear?

You might have had the concept of that classic white dress in your mind at present but why don’t you enjoy yourself to other alternatives and put in some special personality into the process. You can actually use your favorite era or ethnical elements for the inspiration.

Heading in style once we consider uncommon ideas to the church in time, we have a tendency to think about the horse drawn carriage and also antique car. Nevertheless, it appears that every style of transport imaginable is now readily available for taking you there in time. Have you considered arriving in an police car or even in the Knight Rider television series? You may turn your mind and have your wedding guests chatting by pulling up in something funny and unforgettable.


The uncommon wedding no longer indicates skipping the country to marry on the beach of a tropical island. Now you need to explore and perform small research online to find quirky wedding venue. You may ‘tie the knot’ in the lighthouse, over a Scottish mountain or even in the middle of a pine forest. Or perhaps you and your sweetheart could marry on the main deck of ancient sailing ship, on the train, or even in the museum! , you may get married at night – how’s that for exceptional!

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