How did I get eyelash extensions in Toronto?

nju77Most women of my age always like to dress and look nice. I live in Toronto and I have a passion for fashion, make-up and unique styles in different ways. I am in my 20s and also I love pampering myself personally with beauty products and latest trends. Certainly, I don’t want to look unappealing or dull when I step out the house particularly when I am hanging out for a party. Therefore I spend some time at a salon just about every week.

I usually go to Reign In Riches. From this salon I get wonderful eyelash extensions. Did you know eyelash extensions? I guarantee you almost certainly know it. It is the newest trend in make-up and you will find many women who get this enhancement.

Eyelash extensions are extremely fashionable. It will make unique eye types attractive and appealing. I have Asian eyes and such lashes can make my eyes look bigger. I look and feel beautiful when I attach them. Eyelash extensions are very common particularly with models and celebrities so I would not have second thoughts to get them.

Due to the size of my eyes, I usually must wear make-up to ensure it is bigger. Mascara was the routine makeup I use. It had been the only make-up which was made to highlight eye lashes. I eventually realized that it is a disturbing make-up. It might get smudged and also wreck the eye area. Certain types of mascara may also be damaging to specific skin types. They include substances that may worsen the skin and will surely have a dreadful impact on the skin around the eyes.

Compared to mascara, eyelash extensions are hair installed on original lashes so that they are free from substances that can result in irritation. Some individuals who do not want to use the extensions may use false eyelashes however these also are annoying to wear. Eyelash extensions stay longer while fake eyelashes are temporary and can detach it at any moment. This is quite shameful when you are participating in a cool party.

How did I get these eyelash extensions in Toronto? It was one time when I was having my tattoo removal done at the Reign In Riches salon. The woman beside me was sharing things about extensions and I got questioning. I did not know just how it got done to start with so I spare my time to find out. A week after, I headed back to the Reign In Riches for more tattoo removal and I made a decision to inquire about eyelash extensions. The procedure was really simple and will not take many hours based upon how thick your lashes are.

They use a particular glue to join the extensions to my natural eyelash. By wearing this, you may be assured that the eyelash extensions comply with the original pattern. After an hour or so, I checked out myself standing in front of the mirror and noticed the effect it gave to me. It absolutely was wonderful. I loved it! I am sure you will too. Check out Reign In Riches salon in Toronto and get beautiful eyelash extensions your perfect beauty.

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