How Korean Women Do Their Makeup

Korean cosmetics are usually thin, mild, and not excessively pigmented, and they’re good when applied minimally in soft washes. The methods are just as essential as the products, because they are intended to be simple yet impactful.

In this article, we would like to go into detail about some guidelines to help you achieve a youthful and wonderful look through Korean Makeup.

1. Face

Most Koreans are blessed with milky white complexion and fine skin pores so owning porcelain skin are natural to them. Their local climate also has become a major contributing factor. However, we also need to admit that Korean women always take care of their skin by performing good eating habit and doing a fine skin care regimen conscientiously.

What’s really essential in my Korean makeup is the facial cream and mask. You can try 3CE mini quick mask which are extremely helpful in giving you a glowing skin if you apply it regularly to your face at the right quantity and at the shade that matches your skin tone.

2. Eyes

Whether it be on liquid, form, or pencil form, `black eyeliners are absolutely essential to Korean makeup because this is exactly what they usually use to beautify their eyes and make them look bigger. For a daily fresh but delicate look, they always tightline their eyes routinely. This method can do amazing things for making your eyes look bigger, brighter and naturally younger.

Also, Korean women infrequently wear bold and dark eye shadows, so I always choose more neutral colors or light shimmers for showcasing my lids. To find Korean Eye Makeup products, you can visit 3CE K-Beauty Cosmetics. 3CE offers a huge selection of eye makeup from Korea.

3. Eyebrows

With regards to eyebrow grooming, Koreans stick to unique style. Their normal eyebrows are actually tousled, bushy and really straight. It is wonderful how they can pull off eyebrows like this and still look beautiful. 3CE eyebrow pencils will give you a youthful look that’s just good for defining your eyes.

4. Cheeks

Most Korean women are blessed with milky and white complexion. They love using blushes in coral, pink, and peach shades at the right amount which can give a glowing skin that is healthy. For a natural flushed look, they usually use tints on their cheeks. For a fresh and porcelain finish, they usually apply illuminators or highlighters on their face.

5. Lips

Most Korean women are identified for small but plump lips. We often see that most of them come with lips that are light in color. Lip tints are really popular among them which can create a natural and cute lip. In the same way, they like wearing matte lipstick in peach and pink colors.

I usually use 3CE velvet lip tint for my daily makeup, from creating a casual-chic, everyday look to perfecting a luxed-up allure, I can achieve and experiment with different looks every day.

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