How to choose your watch bands?

h6621More and more watch owners enjoy regularly swapping their watch straps to match different looks, seasons or even moods. It’s a great and subtle way to enrich your look and have fun with accessories. The only problem is how to choose the right watch straps from a huge selection available online. That’s why in today’s post you’ll learn about different types and characteristics of watch bands that can help you choose the right one for you. To make this process easier you can simply use common categories of watch straps and bands.

Watch straps types
Watch bands come in many forms and every one of them has its ideal use case and can be more or less versatile. Here are the most popular watch strap types available:

2-piece watch straps – most common type that has a long and a short piece. There’s a great variety of materials available with leather / faux-leather and silicone as the main examples. In the leather version, these are a safe choice if you’re not sure what straps you will need, as their classic look will complement most looks beautifully.

Milanese/Mesh bands – this is a subtle and very universal type of watch straps made with woven mesh of tiny metal elements creating delicate and elegant construction. Rose gold versions of these bands go perfectly with many women’s watches. Mesh bands also come in bigger Shark Mesh versions better suited for big watch faces that are famous for their durability and were originally created for diving watches.

Link Metal Bracelets – very elegant and comfortable to wear. Made out of stainless steel or metal and usually designed for bigger watch faces better suited for men. Because of their construction they require a visit to a jeweler in case you want to resize them so be careful picking their length when buying. Since link metal bracelets are often made out of stainless steel they are a perfect choice for waterproof watches.

Bracelet straps – jewelry-like metal watch straps ideal for women. Go great with more formal and richer looks. They commonly come with gold or silver finish and are more decorative then other types of watch straps.


Watch straps styles

There are less common but interesting styles of watch straps that can underline your whole style and sense of fashion. If you want to make it interesting these are perfect for you:

Aviator watch straps – simple, but distinctive look of aviator watch straps with characteristic additional rivets make them a timeless classic without being boring. When in doubt, go with brown leather version of aviator straps.

Cuffs –massive, hard looking and very hard to miss on someone’s wrist cuffs are a bold choice that will ensure you stand out in the crowd. On the other hand, cuffs are not very universal and require a look that goes good with them.

Rally watch straps –straps with multiple holes cut out that improve ventilation but also give them tons of character. You can find them in more elegant leather versions as well as multicolor sport versions so choose those that better suit your style.

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