How to Dramatically Cut the Cost of Your Wedding

Having a wedding might be extremely expensive. However if you do not want to start your marriage end up in debt then stick to these 5 tips to help in keeping down the expense of your wedding.

1) Lowering costs on the venue
Are you anxious to have a springtime or even summer wedding? When the answer is no then the major saving you might make is having the wedding in the winter season. The price of hiring your venue will definitely be more affordable – especially when you choose a week day instead of a weekend. Winter weddings might be amazingly romantic. When you are in the UK there is absolutely no guarantee that the weather during the summer will be good anyway and almost nothing beats a clear, crisp, sunny winter’s day. I got married in February and had the wedding reception at a country house venue. It was wonderful as when we had done the party drinks it was becoming dark and the wedding reception rooms were lit by candlelight – really romantic.

2) Keeping the expenses of the reception down
It might be that you would like to invite your friends and his spouse to your wedding party but this is where you might have to be a bit callous. Make an effort to maintain the number of visitors to below 50 or 60 (or even less if you can)and after that invite other people you don’t want to abandon absolutely to the evening do.

3) Wine and Champagne
Make a deal with the venue regarding wine and also champagne costs. It could work out less expensive to provide your own and also pay corkage on it. With so many grocery store half price deals you will get pretty good wine for a few pounds and with any luck, the corkage will not bump it up a lot. You can also find No Corkage Wedding Venue to reduce the cost of your wedding party.

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