How to pick the best electric shaver for yourself?

Almost all of the men that shave on regular intervals, almost hate this.As technology has advanced and it has become quite affordable to buy an electric shaver, men feel quite comfortable to shave as it doesn’t cause irritation or cuts on the skin.

When choosing electric shaver some things to point out and compare are as below:-

Shaver Type– Certainly the remarkable factor to consider whilechoosing electric shavers is the category of shaver you choose. Available in the market are rotary shavers that showcase round aluminum heads with cutting blades enclosed within them, and foil shavers, which features seesaw blades that are covered by mesh foil, Also, electric shavers have dry and wet models. Here I would recommend anyone Philips Norelco 9700 as the professional electric shaver. Wet shavers, makes it possible to shave in the water while bathing without or with the requirement to apply shaving cream.

Maintenance– Most of the shavers have built-in cleaning features like removing hairs and shaving foam while running it on the face and cutting through the face hairs. In the context it means you wouldn’t have to put the shaver under tap water frequently while shaving, thus saving the hassle to clean the shaver manually.

Price– Usually the electric shaver with basic features and no add-on accessories for styling can be brought for $30, and electric shavers go as high as $250 with accessories for beard styling packed into the box. This means each additional feature included in the box costs money to be spent by the buyer. The best electric shaver I would recommend to anyone would be Braun series 7 790cc is a perfect choice.Some astonishing accessories are packed in the box for beard styling of electric shaving costing a high amount of money compared to the ones with basic features costing a small amount.

No Strings Attached– Look out for the electric shavers that run on battery as you wouldn’t be required to plugin the shaver into an electric socket at the time of shaving.The first main reason for having the electric shaver is portability and having to plugin into the electric socket all the time ruins it.


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