How to treat your hair when you’re pregnant

This young lady, besides being a marine and being away from me for a long time came back, and then she decided to have a beautiful baby. Now, during her pregnancy she had to treat her hair, and in order to treat it and keep it on her head, because what happens is when you’re pregnant after having the baby you tend to lose your hair.

Most women do lose their hair; some don’t . Now, in order to keep most of the hair on this head what we had to do is basically treat it constantly; keeping it well hydrated, and also I decided not to relax her hair for the first three months after she had her baby.

So, if you notice her hair is really strong. I didn’t relax it. She has no relaxer from here to here. The rest and it’s been previously relaxed, so I had to kind of basically press the hair and style it. So, roller set and then press the hair afterwards.

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