Hpw to do Cat Eye with Eyeliner

oiuytrThe first thing that you have to do is to find the perfect cat eye eyeliner for you to use. You have two options which is the liquid eyeliner or the pot cat eye eyeliner which has an angled, thin brush. The only way for you to find out which of these products will suit you is by trying them both. Only then can you decide which of them you prefer in creating your perfect eyeliner.

If you have chosen to use the liquid liner as your eyeliner partner which is allegedly the easier one to use between the two, try finding the shortest pen-tip that you can find. The shorter the pen-tip, the more control you have in making your cat eye eyeliner.

Start looking for a hands-free magnifying mirror since you will be using both hands for creating cat eye eyeliner. Start applying your cat-eye at the inner corner of your eye. Touch the pen tip barely to your lash line and drag it slowly towards the outer corner of your eye. You should be able to make the line as close to your eyelashes as possible since this would make it look more human. You would still be able to fatten it later to suit your taste.

As you get nearer to the edge of your eye, do a sort of slight flicking motion with your wrist towards your temple. It’s more convenient to have a long extended liner in doing this one since you can always use a cotton bud to get it off after some time. The important part here is in placing the wing, rather than the length.

These things should be done carefully to avoid errors and undesirable results. You should apply your cat eye eyeliner with an open eye. Doing this with closed eyes might prove to be difficult since the placement of the wing would be harder especially in estimating how it would look like if you open your eyes.

This is also true in applying eye shadows. It is advisable that you keep your eyes flexed when applying the eyeliner so that you would have a clearer picture on what you would look like having your eyes opened.


When you are done, look at yourself in the mirror with a normal facial expression. Do not raise your eyebrows. Check your creation to see if you are satisfied with the results. If you find that the wings are uneven, use your pointed cotton buds to edit your look. Pointed cotton buds are often used when you make a mistake in applying make-up. If you are contented with what you have done then you can grab your bag and go show off your new cat eyes.

The steps in applying cat eyeliner when using the brush-and -gel pot type is also similar. For a more convenient application, find the smallest bristle brush that you can find.

Try not lifting your eyebrows to have a better access to your lash line or eyelid in applying cat eyeliner. You would not want a surprised look on your face, which sometimes happens when you lift your eyebrows as you apply.

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