Keep your glow when it is not just your day

bnuy55Sleepless night, PMS or flu are just some of the reasons to look worse than usual. It happens to each of us, and it mostly when we need to be at its best. Fortunately, there is a way to mask any deficiencies.


• Whenever you can, hydrate your skin with masks and creams.
• Get rid of red powder of yellowish hue, and pay special attention to the part about the nose.
• discrete makeup, avoid strong tones and crisp lines.
• Choose products that are difficult to spread, such as waterproof mascara.
• Put a blush on your cheeks only.
• Use lipstick that also hydrates, this will prevent chapped lips.
• During the day, often makeup face and carry a handkerchief that you can wipe the grease.


• Bags are best concealed yellow or apricot color. Pink shades are a good choice.
• Apply Concealer sunđerčićem in two layers, then take yellow undertone foundation powder.
• When you have dark circles, use a warm blush color.
• Use a striking lipstick to draw attention to the eyes.

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Large pimple

• There’s no way cedit pimple!
• Put some zinc paste, and if not, can come in handy toothpaste. Hold as long as possible.
• Powder should not put your hands, but a clean brush so precisely.
• Use a concealer that soothes irritated skin. They are found in pharmacies.
• First put concealer and powder and liquid at the end of loose powder.

Fatigue and paleness

• Wash your face with both hot and cold water.
• If you have time, put moisturizer on your face. If you hurry, apply a thick layer of moisturizer and before makeup check the skin to absorb.
• Put powder texture transparent or tinted moisturizer cream. Thick liquid powder will only emphasize wrinkles and fatigue.
• None of the makeup should not be a strong color. Also avoid the cold tones, because they emphasize paleness.
• Use a neutral, warm tones. Shadows should be in colored sand, apricot colored blush and lip gloss put your natural lip color. This makeup will make you look fresher.
• When putting your makeup, spray your face with thermal water, which will further refresh your skin.

Swollen face and eyelids

• Apply cold compresses to the eyes and face, rub some ice cubes.
• Do not use shiny or oily shadows, they amplify the effect of flatulence. Choose matte texture.
• Bladder prikrićete under eye concealer or powder two shades darker than the color of your skin.Lighter tones emphasize inflation.
• The upper eyelids put beige shadow, and the eyelashes apply a darker but not black crayon.
• Lower eyelids do not look cool at all.

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