Kettlebells, a Perfect Tool for Optimal Personal Training

Kettlebells has become one of the most favorite strength training equipment for most personal training clients. Kettlebell training can boost strength, mobility, cardiovascular endurance, and core strength.

As kettlebells continue to grow in worldwide recognition, kettlebell training courses and certification programs are needed. Most personal training tools and modalities bring high risk and kettlebells are no different. The related risk of Kettlebells training usually correlates with the level of skill required to practice that modality.

Kettlebell training actually require whole body, energetic movements, and in most cases, forceful power movements that make use of momentum and speed. As a personal trainer, you will need to realize you must be more careful when training your clients with these tools. For that reason, extra attention, great care and preparation must be taken when training your clients with kettlebells. With proper safety measury training, Kettlebells can be a great addition to your personal training session. offers certification program for fitness or personal trainer who wants to teach their clients effective kettlebell training, this personal trainer certification program cover the knowledge and benefits of kettlebell training which can be advanced for clients of all levels.

This course is also designed to provide you the skills and knowledge to successfully instruct and apply kettlebell training with your clients and athletes. At the end of the program, you will understand how to describe and demonstrate the correct technique; make clear the goal of each movement and how you can enhance the technique through progressions and regressions.

Also, you will be able to elegantly explain the major muscles and joints involved and why the safe and proper techniques are important in kettlebell training. In this course, you will also be presented with some of the most recent research on kettlebell training so you can relate this knowledge to your athletes.

NESTA’s Kettlebell Certification program is also available in an online format. You will find Certification option that allows you to enjoy this course whenever and wherever fits your schedule.

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