Lia Kees – Amazing beautiful model and IT girl

lia kees outfitsFor a fashion model, a perfect figure, beautiful face, intelligence as well as personality is important, however it is hard to find such a precious. After trying to find new rising stars, we found someone exceptional and perfect. We found this phenomenal fashion model “Lia Kees” on Instagram and remarked that this girl has shown up in the top Insta charts and most popular magazines along with other models.

While focusing on her own triumphant career in the fashion niche, Lia shares her experience and knowledge with young ambitious models, to motivate and assist them to transform their modeling jobs into a money-making profession. For that reason The Model Weekend was created. It plays a role in specialized development of inexperienced models, guarantees wide-ranging networking possibilities, and gives the exclusive event experience.lia kees model

You will end up looking at her wonderful outfits just as much as at her interesting body shape that I can guarantee now she is getting in the realm of acting and she’s been selected for the main role of a new videoclip XindlX!

Lia Kees come with everything what fashion brands search for. Ehen you visit her official site at , It is obvious she has an eye-catching figure and a visually attractive dressing sense. She is always bombarded with worldwide offers. Today, she is promoting Hollywood body slim wraps . She had last shooting in Makarska , Croatia and she is also teaming up with the Czech pop singer, Xindl X on a video.hmgjkk

Lia Kees also has traveled from one country to another for taking pictures and also following the fashion occasions. News from motorsport and style! Famous Ladies Race organized by Machaty Motorsport putting the final results – good-looking queen and IT girl Lia Kees winning a tittle of a Drifting Queen! Lia kees lamborghini

She also appeared on the cover of the Alex Journal. The Alex journal presents the best collection of IT girls, latest fashion styles, and trends. The magazine features profiles of well-known Instagram models, such are Nita Kuzmina , Dasha Belize , Marina Mayer , and this month – Lia Kees.

Lia’s personality is the worthiness of fashion and elegance. She is an inspiration for many who love lifestyle and value female beauty. Lia Kees is updating her portfolio. We found these excellent photos on her Instagram –Glam and elegant style with a touch of style.

Lia Kees is sensual and enthralling. Her Instagram showcases her unique and compelling beauty. It is noticeable from her massive fan following that she is a great woman. Visit and there she is. Lia Kees, a diva, a lady who not only has a wonderful body, but also a heart of gold. We guarantee you will like her as well.

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