Liquid Eyeliner Cat Eyes

mngkj87Liquid eyeliner cat eyes can make your eyes appear larger and more attractive. No matter what color eyes you have, liquid eyeliner cat eyes are the key to wider, fuller, extremely attractive eye-catching eyes. There is no need to go to a beauty salon each time you have a formal occasion and would like to have liquid cat eyes applied. Applying liquid eyeliner is a skill which can be learned.  Remember that you would like cat eyes to be subtle and sexy rather than harsh and domineering.

Drawing perfect eyeliner cat eyes will be great for day and especially for night. You will need to apply an ultra-thin line on the inside part of your eyelid.  Hold the skin of your upper eyelids taut. As precisely as you can, dot your upper lash-line as near to your eye as possible.

Apply a line from one corner of your eye to the other corner, extending the line you drew upward at each outer corner of each eye. Let the liquid liner air-dry for a few minutes, using a cool temperature hair dryer.  Since black liquid liner can be harsh, a good idea would be to use a light color such as auburn, light brown, taupe or gold.

Hold down your lower eyelid and apply eye-liner just to three fourths of your eyelid rims. As you approach your tear duct, fade the line. As you approach the outer corner of your eye, extend the line upwards.  The most usual way of eyeliner cat eyes application is from the inner part of the lashes in an outward direction in one big sweep. It is also possible to line the eye starting from the middle of the lash line outward, finishing it from the innermost part of the eyelid to the middle.


Begin with a nude eye that has no pre-applied foundation or any other type of makeup. Apply a good quality liquid eyeliner to the upper part of your lashes. Try and get as close to your lash-line as you can. What you are aiming for is not for a line to be visible but rather, for your lashes themselves to seem super-thick, tilting upward in each corner. After you draw this line, apply mascara.
For a more dramatic cat eye, apply fake eyelashes on top of the liquid eyeliner you just drew. Once the lashes are on, draw additional sweeping lines on each outer corner of your eyes. Right above the lashes, you can emphasize this dramatic look by applying silver eye-shadow, creating a contrast between the black and the silver.

To emphasize the upswept corner of each cat- eye, some makeup artists add a rhinestone sticker at the end of each tip or on just one eye, for added drama. Liquid eyeliner cat eyes take practice to perfect. So don’t be dismayed if you don’t get them done right. In addition, using liquid eyeliner cat eyes last longer than pencil-drawn cats eyes which tend to fade at the end of the day.

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