Makeup tip – how to apply face powder correctly

hyq33I have lost count of the amount of times when I am giving a bride-to-be a makeup lesson and after applying the primer, foundation and concealer, I pull out the face powder and she has a look of fear on her face! There are so many women who do not use face powder at all, as they are frightened that it is going to make their makeup appear heavy or that using powder will make them look older.

Years ago, face powders were chalky and heavy – technology has moved on since then. It is essential that you use a little powder where needed on your wedding day to set your makeup – especially if your skin has the tendency to go shiny and you need to powder your eyelids – this is essential to create the perfect base for your eyeshadow and to stop your eyeshadow creasing.

To apply face powder correctly, you first need to find the right powder for you. A fine, loose powder is great if you have an oily skin.

If you do not have a greasy skin and loose powder is not for you, then my favourite compact powder is the Daniel Sandler Invisible Blotting Powder suitable for any skin tone, this powder has the most beautiful, fine texture and gives a beautiful, matte finish to the skin which sets your makeup without giving a heavy, dry look to the skin. It is also great to carry with you on your wedding day for any makeup touch ups.

After you have chosen the powder you wish to use, the next step is to apply it correctly. You can choose the best face powder, but if you apply ridiculous amounts to your face, it is going to look ‘cakey’ and heavy.

Here are my top tips on applying face powder:

So, you have a great face powder, now you need the correct tool to apply it with. The sponges that come with face powders are great for touch ups during the day, but first thing in the morning, when you are applying your wedding makeup, use a brush to apply the product.

Don’t use a massive brush to apply face powder- remember, less is more so the bigger the brush, the more you are going to apply. I prefer a smaller brush as you have more control as to where the powder goes.

My favourite brush to apply face powder is the Daniel Sandler Contour/ Powder Brush. This brush delivers just the right powder where you need it and because of the shorter handle, it is really easy to control.

Apply a small amount of product to the brush and gently ‘press’ the product into the skin. You don’t need to rub the face, gently pressing the powder onto the skin will give a beautiful finish to the skin and remember – don’t forget your eyelids! It’s really important to apply powder there to stop your eye shadow creasing.

Apply a little more to any areas which are prone to shine and your skin will look gorgeous and ’shine free’ throughout your wedding day.

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