Man’s Guide to the Best Leather Dopp Kits

bg3aEvery man should have a Dopp kit. It can be made from canvas, inner tube, leather,  or something similarly wonderful. It provides perfect organization for compact travel toiletries but might also work as a case for grooming tools or even technical accessories. The natural leather is stain resistant and waterproof, which makes it well suited for travel.

As I take half of my showers in a fitness center, I needed a stylish solution to transport my toiletries. And after 2 to 3 weeks of searching and confusion, I finally got a leather Dopp kit that accommodates all of my requirements. The good part about this Dopp kit is that you are limited by the size. No matter the amount of stuff you put in the bag. It won’t just get bigger.


– Horween Dublin leather of natural color
– Top zipper closure
– Dimensions: 7.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″
– Essential for toiletries and shaving accessories
– Handmade for strength and durability

This Leather Dopp Kit will satisfy your desires both practically and also artistically. This Dopp kit is designed to be the perfect travel accessory packing and transporting all your grooming stuff on the move. From exciting vacations to business trips, carry and reflect that exclusive old-world elegance any time you travel, with this charming Leather Dopp Kit which is handmade genuinely from Oleksyn Prannyk. Tanned without using dyes or chemicals , but instead through a natural process that spans long ago into the old ages , and includes unique treatment with salt water and also sunlight ; this Dopp kit tawny color can grow lighter and darker with use .


Naturally light-weight and sturdy, it is handmade using Horween Dublin leather and will only get better looking with age. To make sure strength and durability, the leather is double stitched on the trim to withstand the test of time. Every single Oleksyn Prannyk Leather product has been oil-primed to highlight the natural anomalies and most other leather features that can make each dopp kit one-of-a-kind look.

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