Meet Europe Top Model – Lia Kees

liakees top modelLia Kees has long been working as a model for fashion industry since she was 14. This beautiful model was born in Kyrgyzstan and then began her successful career as a fashion model in 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic, in which she moved there with her family members.

When style meets heart and soul, we will discuss about a talented model; Lia Kees. Not too long ago she won Miss Europe 2016; the event was done in Beirut, Lebanon, and was participated by 44 girls and 12 jurors from which Lia got the highest points. The competition lasted 3 days. Lia is currently preparing for Miss Bikini Universe contest. Lia offers more than just visual appeal – but also philanthropy.

Lia is now pursuing a potential project in Salzburg, in which she assists participants how to look stylish, beautiful, and self-confident. Inspiring other young ladies to be popular might be a choice at the event in which Lia is to nurture happiness and hope. She learned such core principles from her previous mentor who still become her motivator. Lia plans to achieve amazing things with her talent and knowledge and be the greatest role model to younger ladies who admire her and dream to achieve success like her someday.

She is working together with popular photographers and becoming a brand ambassador for many beauty and fashion products brands. Lia also has become a brand ambassador for fitness product for BodySlimWraps Hollywood. She is becoming really fruitful in the Czech show business since she lives in Prague.

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Also Lia Kees has traveled from one country to another for shooting and also following the fashion events. With her victorious model career, Lia would certainly attend the Czech TV and show her project in which she would like to motivate and help young women to also realize their dream as models as she has started her own models weekend.


In her statements Lia declared that “The goal is to represent the fashionable generation of European Ladies. I want to show that we are now proud to be European.” Additionally she defines style and beauty as “a combination between a healthy body, strong personality, and hard work.

The best thing that come up to Lia kees is that she got the opportunity to open her mind quite early. This handed her the chance to live as a completely independent woman at the early age.

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On her Instagram she uploaded photos of her glamorous and luxurious life , accompanied by designer bouquets , fabulous accessories and magnificent interiors , high quality photos which are really wonderful , magazine shoots , glamour snap shots and the spontaneous gym selfie which may invite you to become a member of a gym and get yourself fit and healthy As soon as is possible . You should definitely follow her on Instagram at so you will stay informed about her updates and be inspired with her words and photos in her Instagram.

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