My Favorite Kind of Flip-Flop: Havaianas Sandals

“Every woman should own three pairs of shoes: high heels, flat shoes, and Havaianas.” – Christian Louboutin

Well, well, Mr. Louboutin, if you say it then it must be so. This past summer I was lucky enough to try out my first pair of Havaianas, a way popular brand of flip flops.
I own at least 60 pairs of flip-flops. I’m not exaggerating – you know my love for shoes runs deep, and flippie-floppies are no exception. That being said, I have pairs scattered everywhere: in my purses, cars, bedroom, backyard, wherever and whenever. Comfort and variety is key; I need a color to match every outfit/purse/accessory I own, and I need them to feel like clouds, especially after an 8+ hour stretch in heels.

While Havaianas aren’t THE MOST comfortable brand I’ve ever tried, they’re up there. I’d give them 4/5 stars, because after walking around downtown LA all day they started wearin’ and tearin’ on the inside of my toesies. I don’t think most people walk/wear flip-flops for as long as I do, so it’s probably not an issue for more people. Also, I’m lovin’ that Havaianas women’s sandals come in six thousand different shades. And! They even boast a Bridal section, which features lots of fancy flip flops that are embellished with the likes of Swarovski crystals. There’s a few styles for Grooms as well, in addition to Havaiana’s huge selection of men’s sandals.

So! Now’s the fun part. I’m giving away ONE pair of Havaianas Sandals! And you get to choose which pair you want, up to a $35 value. I chose the Slim Fit, but you can go with SOME other style, I GUESS. Simply leave a comment below by Friday, Sept 30th @ Noon PST. Easy breezy, right? Just like your new

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