Product Review : Skinue Acne Skin Care

I have never written a product review but this one I certainly must share. Let me begin by saying I have had a hard time with acne due to sensitive skin in my whole life and I have used many different products available on the market from prescription medications to non-prescription vitamins to creams and they have had similar unsatisfied effects: my skin starts to resolve a little and then apparently acne builds up with a tolerance and went back to breaking out.

Then I found SKINUE Acne Products at! I spent some time to find out how frequently and how much to use this serum as it can make my skin dry out if I am not careful, however my acne is no longer noticeable. On the unusual occasion that I notice a pimple growing then I used this serum together with SKINUE face wash and ultra gentle gel and by morning it’s wiped out. This has really saved my skin.

I apply this serum first over the affected spots, but before using this serum. Skinue’s facial regimen is a 3 step process which is proven to remove acne while hydrating my skin.

First I applied SKINUE Vitalizing Face Wash for cleansing. I cleanse my face, avoid eye area, and then rinse it carefully. This facial wash is unlike common soap. It is a mild cleanser for acne that cleanses while stopping breakouts! This cleanser doesn’t contain ingredients that can dry out your skin, but it can prevent your skin to overproduce oil on the surface.

Then I applied Sensational Serum consistently over affected area until completely absorbed. It is an effective treatment for acne outbreaks and gradually fades away.

After using the serum I pumped SKINUE Gel to affected area twice daily, I rub carefully until fully absorbed. This gel is non-greasy texture that properly tackles acne-causing bacteria. It speeds the acne removal and will clear my acne breakout fast. and here is the result after a week of treatment:

The serum can still be effective when combined with my other products. I must be careful when pumping this serum. Even a half pump is actually too much for just a spot treatment! I certainly would recommend this to my friends and my family who suffer from acne, minor or severe.

As far I know, SKINUE is the first bio-based skin care discovered by experienced scientists. SKINUE contains several natural ingredients for effective skincare. SKINUE’s main ingredient is taken from nature, especially from Camel Milk. Camel milk has some amazing elements which have been effectively to remove acne. The fats in this milk are perfectly homogenized, so camel milk acne products are easily absorbed by our skin. The natural ingredients in SKINUE help moisturize, cleanse, and beautify the skin. The unique qualities of Camel’s milk antibodies have been proven its application to many medical diseases and skin problems including acne.

SKINUE works well for any skin types and designed to provide powerful visible effects. SKINUE is dermatologically proven and tested. For better skin, I use SKINUE Acne Products and Skin Care products till now.

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