Sewing is Fun, but Not Frugal

Sewing can be frugal, but it can also be hellacious expensive. I’ve been swinging both ways with it.  I’m working on a TOP SECRET FOR MY EYES ONLY project that will be revealed to your eyes sometime in August.  That endeavor is awesome, and awesomely frugal.

But I’m trying to learn how to sew.  Well, learn how to sew better.  So that means I went to the fabric section at Walmart. (BTW, they are closing a lot of those.  That is sad.  Maybe if THEY knew of my newly kindled interest in sewing they wouldn’t.  But there is still one Walmart in the vicinity with a fabric section; apparently that one will remain for the moment).

Woo doggies, I got some major sticker-shock-itis.  I guess it has been a long time since I’ve been in a fabric store.  Patterns are really expensive now.  And fabric and thread, too.

But then I kind of got lucky when I had I private moment with my brain and we got together and came to an honest assessment of my sewing-skill level.  Yep.  I’m just a beginner, really.

So I found a pattern for a blouse I decided I would actually wear, from the easy-pattern spinny rack. That was only $2.99.  And then I found some cute cloth with a fetching paisley print that would really make that blouse pop.  That was $4.44 a yd.  And some thread, which was $1.94 a spool (now that was somewhat shocking.  Thread is expensive).  I needed bias tape, too, but I had plenty of that already.

It ended up that that one blouse totaled about $11.00.  Yes, I did make it dear friends, and it is cute, cute, cute.  I did a great job.  Luckily, it was pretty easy.  But since it came out so cute, and I know for sure I will wear it, and it is so easy, I will probably make more.  That will bring down the cost of the pattern.  Which is nice, from a frugal perspective.

I suppose learning how to sew is kind of like getting an education, expense-wise.  It costs a lot up front, but once you’re done, you’re done and you have that little piece of paper that gives you a warm glow inside whenever you see it hanging on your wall or come across it when you’re spring cleaning.

Oh, wait a minute.  No.  Sewing goes on costing a lot.  But at least I’m learning a valuable skill.  And also, wherever a lot of money is being spent, it’s fun to find ways to save.  Time to put on our Frugal Thinking Caps, so to speak.

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