Skincare and Makeup during pregnancy

I really want to explain there are certain ingredients that cannot be used and many that can quite effectively. The most important ingredient to avoid when you’re pregnant is vitamin A in any form because they have discovered that vitamin A in the bloodstream can cause fetal abnormalities.

Now that is massive doses of vitamin A, there is no medical evidence to prove that topical vitamin A on the skin will have the same effect however we are not prepared to take any risks so what we say is do not use any vitamin A product on your skin or on your body whilst pregnant or lactating. The discovery that salicylic acid shouldn’t be used when you’re pregnant is actually not true. You can use salicylic acid on your skin whilst pregnant there are no side effects and that has now been proven so you can use very low level peels of salicylic or lactic acid.

You do have to be careful of essential oils when you’re pregnant, I do recommend that you do buy a book on essential oils to use during pregnancy, but bear in mind that all the essential oils I use for Synergie are at low levels and they are under levels that would be a problem when you’re pregnant and the majority of all’s I use are actually recommended for pregnancy ingredients such as lavender oil and cape rose geranium are beautiful during pregnancy so all would use the products quite confidently during pregnancy but do avoid the vitamin A.

So what sort of Synergie skin products should pregnant ladies be using? The most important thing is sunscreen – do not forget to use your Überzinc, you’re actually more prone to getting pigmentation issues when you are pregnant, so do ensure that you use your Überzinc everyday and your Überzinc body and also remember when you’re driving Überzinc on the back of the hands and the chest if you’re covered because UVA can still penetrate your car windows and damage the skin.

Pregnant bellies and stretch marks

Unfortunately there is no cure for stretch marks let me tell you that and if people are prone to getting them you will get them anyway. The most important thing to do is keep your skin supple and hydrated during pregnancy so for pregnant bellies I would recommend OccluSiderm or Recover balm and massage on your stomach every day, even twice a day you can use any of the moisturizers that are suited to your skin type.

Vitamin B serum fantastic, vitamin C crystals, Super serum you can use all those products, you actually don’t need as much vitamin B serum when you are pregnant because your natural ceramide level increases during pregnancy do the hormones so that’s why pregnant women have that beautiful luminous glow and they say you’ve got that lovely luminosity that’s actually increased ceramide production when you’re pregnant – but you didn’t know that.

Anyway to all the women out there who are pregnant – Congratulations and I wish you all the best in your pregnancy and I hope you enjoy using the Synergie products through that lovely journey you’re about to have.


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