Stay All Day With Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

;kjhnbWaterproof liquid eyeliner outlasts and outperforms all other types of eyeliner. It will not smudge and will last as long as you do in each day. If you get caught in the rain on the way to work, or as you are walking back from the café, your liquid eyeliner will be totally unaffected. If a speck of dirt gets in your eyes by mistake, and you get all teary-eyed,  you will not need to do any makeup retouches as your will stay just as fresh and new as when you first put it on.  Waterproof liquid eyeliner saves you the hassle of having to keep checking if your eyeliner is still where you left it. Eyeliner that is not waterproof will not be able to withstand a few raindrops, tears or sweat, and will run down your face like tears.

Waterproof eyeliner is a great innovation that gives women the freedom to go from work to working out mode without having to worry about their eyeliner. This means that the tennis match you promised your boss after work will start on time, since you don’t have to take the extra minutes wiping off your makeup to get ready for sweating.

Waterproof liquid eyeliner is ideal for an active lifestyle. It is also recommended for events that could possibly bring tears to your eyes such as your children’s graduation, birthdays, family reunions, funerals or for when your children finally leave the nest. Wearing liquid eyeliner will save you from further embarrassment. In addition, you will not need to take the extra effort of finding something to wipe smudged eyeliner with, since these do not smudge.


Waterproof liquid eyeliner will need an oil-based makeup remover to clean off. To apply the eyeliner, start at the innermost corner of your eyelid and go along the entire lash line. If you would like a more dramatic look, go over the outer edge of your eyes twice, creating a thicker line. Try and stay as close to your lashes as humanly possible.

A thicker line starting from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corners will give you a semi-cats eye. You can upturn the corners in order to give you a full cat’s eye. For stage makeup, line both the upper and the lower parts of your eyes, turning up the outer corners. Add false eyelashes after you’ve applied the line and make another outline using white or silver eye shadow. For daywear, line just the outer half of your eyes, and fill in the rest of your eyelid with eye shadow. For a more casual look, use lighter colors such as brown or auburn. For a dramatic night look, you can find black waterproof liquid eyeliners.

Once you get the hang of it, you can press lightly using just the tip of the eyeliner starting from your inner eye and press down on the brush tip as you near the middle of your eyelid going towards the outer corner. This way the line you create starts from a very thin, almost invisible line, to a bit of a thicker line as you go outwards. Learning how to use your waterproof liquid eyeliner will not only save you time, you will also be able to save a lot of money not having to keep doing retouches.

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