The Best Skin Care For Fragrance Lovers

I love scent. Every morning I wake up, and I scent myself. I get up, and the first thing I do is I wash my face. And I get ready for the day ahead. Prepare the kids’ lunches. Take their book bags. Drop off the kids at school. And get ready for my work day ahead such as Smelling fragrances, writing reviews, and making videos. But one problem I always have as a fragrance lover is that skin care products smell too strong or they smell bad.

That’s why I love Fulton & Roark. Maybe you’ve seen my reviews of Fulton & Roark’s fantastic line of solid colognes. But they have a whole line of hygiene products. They make fantastic-smelling, quality products that happen to have a low scent profile. Their newest addition to their solid colognes is Palmetto, with Brazilian pepper, cedar wood, and magnolia. It smells like Terre d’Hermes in a solid cologne. Their face wash: with notes of eucalyptus, tea tree, and green tea.

It’s a minty, cooling, and invigorating face wash. Their shave cream: with notes of avocado, tea tree, and citrus oil. It makes for a smooth, no-foam shave. Their aftershave cloth: with notes of witch hazel, tea tree, bergamot, eucalyptus, and sage. It’s cooling and refreshing without any aftershave irritation. Their body lotion: that has shea butter, sage, and vitamin E. It’s a very lightweight, herbal body lotion.

Their triple milled soap: with Moroccan red clay, eucalyptus, sage, and white spruce oils. It smells like the best artisan soaps, and has a little bit of light exfoliation and forms a rich lather. And last but not least, their shampoo and body wash: made with rosemary, B5, and caffeine. It’s minty and invigorating. And that extra little bit of caffeine is perfect for when your hair needs a little bit of a pick-me-up. All of these products are made in the USA with scent in mind and the scent enthusiast in mind. They’re made from high quality, natural ingredients, and their sillage is purposefully weak so as to not compete with fine fragrance. I love this whole line.

It captured my attention from the start with their solid colognes, and they’ve repeatedly won me over with each of their offerings. And I’m not alone in thinking they’re great. They’ve won many awards with Men’s Health and GQ. What I love most about this line is that they allow me to wear the fragrances that I want. So I can make memories with my family and friends. So that no matter what I do, no matter where I go, from the start of my day, through all my work and chores, to the end of the night, Fulton & Roark has me covered. Definitely go check out Fulton & Roark. I’ll have a link below to them as well as a coupon, BROS15 for 15% off. This is an incredible line. I really love this line a lot. And they’re great for perfume addicts like us!


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