The Health Consequences of Excess Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has lots of unwanted side effects on a person’s health. When used to over a considerable period of time, it will trigger severe damage and also health issues. The body will be dependent on the alcohol and people addicted to alcohol might need to go through alcohol detox in order to quit drinking properly and safely.

Alcohol will also trigger stomach issues. Drinking too much might cause nausea, vomiting, and also diarrhea. It is quite dehydrating and this is actually the main factor which plays a part in the uncomfortable sensations associated with a hangover.

Short term risks
In the short term, the potential risks related to drinking a lot include depression, anxiety, sexual issues, difficulties with judgment and also bringing about hazardous behavior, the loss of awareness, choking on vomit, heart rate, slowed breathing and also poisoning.

Drinking alcohol repeatedly can also be linked to weight-gain, which has many health problems related to it. Just 3 or 4 glasses per day might result in gaining a stone in 2 or 3 months.

Long term risks
In the long term excessive drinking might cause many different severe health conditions. For instance , liver disease, injury to an unborn baby, pancreatitis, strokes, brain damage, high blood pressure, and many other conditions .

Safe drinking
To avoid long and short term health conditions, it is highly recommended to stay away from the maximum limits recommended by the Government. It is a maximum or 3 or 4 glasses of alcohol per day for adult males and 2 or 3 for females. This means not excessive drinking – when you stay in a weekly limit but drink it all on one night, you are still endangering your overall health.

When you are worried about your drinking, keep track of how many glasses you are drinking and also try to reduce so that you are within limits. When you are unable to reduce, seek advice from your doctor or even an alcohol professional. They might evaluate your drinking and then give you advice whether you need specialized help and also alcohol detox. You don’t need to worry that addiction recovery is possible.

A medical expert should be able to show you what effect of the alcohol to your body and also your quality of life. They will be able to provide you with information and also advice on the next steps for reducing drinking habit.

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