Titanium Weddings Rings – Why not Gold?

Today’s fast paced lifestyle lends itself to changes in all aspects of life. Traditions and family values have varied from ten years ago and are completely different than thirty years ago. Nowadays most women work, fashion and jewelry do not have to be originals and everyday living is more casual.

Women working outside the home require wedding bands or sets of wedding rings that are durable, long lasting and fashionable at the same time. Depending on the type of job, wear and tear may be excessive on a wedding ring. Titanium seems to be the best choice when looking for durability. It is rather an oxymoron because the material is stronger than steel, being used in super airplanes, but at the same time, it is lighter than gold, much like aluminum.

So if a couple is recently engaged and needs to make a lifetime decision about the wedding rings or if the woman is replacing her gold wedding band because it has become worn over the years, titanium may offer superior protection against damage. In addition, gold rings and bands tend to lose their round shape. They can become flat on the underneath of the finger, may wear to a very thin line and even wear to the point of the gold breaking. Titanium, once made into a ring, does not lose its shape nor does it become flat. As tested in airplanes, it does not break either.

Moreover, today’s environment is one of hazards and toxic materials. People are exposed to various chemicals on food, in clothing and at the workplace. Bodies have become more susceptible to irritation and allergies. Even someone, who once wore gold years ago, may find that when exposed to a particular environment they may now have a reaction to the gold. Titanium has been found to be hypoallergenic and without reactions. Of course, when an industry is trying to promote anything, they try to find ways to sell more products. But in the case of titanium. it has proved useful in implant surgery. This must be the best testimonial suggesting that titanium is perfect for one’s skin and body.


Price is a serious factor in choosing titanium wedding rings over other metals. Gold and platinum are precious metals. Coupled with the scarcity issue, they are also commodities. The prices of these commodities are tied to the futures market and investors. Thus, the price can be driven up dramatically if a shortage is suspected. In recent years, the prices of gold and platinum have skyrocketed. At the time of this writing gold soared to an all time history highest price in twenty-seven years. Couples looking to keep their savings intact for purchasing a house or other major expense would readily welcome the price of titanium wedding rings over gold.

Gold is passé. Yes, it true that many people are still buying gold and will most likely continue to buy gold but titanium is the “in” thing to do. As more people become aware of its positive properties and as people see the advertisements, they will want to have the same as others. And while titanium is not necessarily a fad, people are purchasing it now because it is different and not as many people have their wedding rings made out of this new material.

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