Trust Your Journey – an inspirational book from Raelia lewis

mn908Trust Your Journey is a book of hope. It’s an inspirational book authored by Raelia lewis. This book contains full of lessons, visionary exercises, and wisdom which are good dealing with low self esteem, depression, and fear. It motivates the reader to not only dream and pray, but to put the plans into action. All the things are achievable if you believe that they are.

When she began writing “Trust your journey”  it took her a little while to make a decision what she wished the book to be about. She was living in Miami trying to realize her dreams and she arrived at a place in which she noticed things were happening. She began to see her dreams come true .She tried to use her voice to really encourage others. There could be a guy or even a girl out there who needs that extra to realize their dreams.


She started her career in her teenage years and even never looked back. A lot of people know Raelia from the TV show “America’s Next Top Model” that premiered in 2014. Raelia stole the hearts of their fans as she battled her challenge to win the competition. After the show, she proceeded to open shows for New York Fashion week, La style week, and Miami swim week. She has worked well globally in South Korea and South Africa. Raelia starred in 2 commercials and she is showcased in over ten publications around the world.

Raelia Lewis found her love of literature, art, and poetry. She really loved reading, and she finally continued to study journalism and mass communication in college. Raelia eventually started writing and publishing her book. Trust your journey is a story of hope. It motivates readers to always struggle and survive. The book is really mind-blowing and it came directly from the heart. Raelia lewis is not only a model; she is also a good writer. Her objective is to really encourage others to take advantage of their greatness.

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