Wedding Dress Shopping Tips and Who to Take With You

You need to find the perfect dress for your special day. But, who should you bring along for themost important shopping day of your life?

Before I talk about who you should bring, let me answer obvious question about whether or not wear your engagement ring on your shopping day. The answer is absolutely yes! Whether or not you got your ring form a major supplier like EraGem or any other retailer, you should see try it out to see how the ring matches your wedding dress.

Okay, about who to take with you. I personally appreciate the superstition of the groom notwitnessing the bride in her dress before the weddingday. It leaves some allure in the mystery for him toanticipate. Since you obviously can’t take the groom shopping who then should you invite to come along.

Let’s start with close friendsand family. Avoid having too big of an entouragebecause it can be stressful. Stick to no more than3 people. Be sure to avoid “Sad Suzie”. Everyone has a “Suzie” that always manages to find the negative in everything.  Yes, please don’t bring her along. You want to enjoy yourshopping day and having a pessimist around can rob the experience.

As you prepare for the wedding, you’ll want to try on different styles. Walk around in the dress, if kneeling is part of the ceremony, then remember to kneel and make sure you’re not going to be too uncomfortable. You won’t look happy if you are holding your breath every time you make a move in your dress.

If you’re a plus size now but you are planning on losing weight before your big day, do not buy a dress the size you plan to bethe wedding day. If you can’t wait and you must buy the dress now, then buy your size now and a couple of weeks before the wedding then you can get it refitted.

Remember to have a budget in mind before starting to shop. Stick to it! All too often, brides can start seeking the best and the most expensive for their wedding losing track of the budgets. You don’t need the extra unnecessary financialstress.

A good rule of thumb would be to start lowand work your way up. There are always hand-me-down dresses available at thrift shops for insanelycheap rates. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.If you don’t like pre owned gowns then start at department stores for better prices.

Local boutiques are also great just don’t let the salesperson talk you into a decision you’re not comfortable with. Go shoppingwith a plan and keep close joyful people around. This will help you enjoy your day.

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