Where to buy frugal hanbok

hkHanbok is the wonderful traditional dress of Koreans. It is usually designed with simple lines, bright colors, without any pockets. Hanbok is usually worn during semi-formal and formal events or celebrations and festivals. Hanbok is actually a representation of the Korean heritage as the tradition of wearing hanbok has been bequeathed from time to time.

I have an unforgettable moment during my last trip to Seoul, I visit a Studio in Insadong to wear their hanbok and take some photos. It was a really exciting experience but I couldn’t wear that hanbok out in the streets of Seoul. That hanbok can only be worn in the studio. I really wanted to wear it while traveling to the palaces, like some other girls I noticed in Gyeongbukgong Palace.

When I checked a website at http://english.visitkorea.or.kr there are some rentals that provides a special outdoor hanbok experience in Seoul. So I was no longer restricted within the studio in order to take photos with a hanbok . With a hanbok’s outdoor experience, the whole Seoul is my studio! I was totally free to take pictures a hanbok in most of Seoul’s palaces as well as in other popular landmarks, giving me a better sensation of the Korean culture.

Where to buy frugal hanbok

There are various stores throughout Korea that sell Hanbok. Dongdaemun Market offers a wide selection of Hanbok designs and fabric. However when you go back to your country after visiting south Korea , you will realize that finding goods related to South Korea can be hard to find , especially hanbok. If you can find the stores selling hanbok in your country you will find that the prices are still a bit expensive. But you don’t need to worry there are some online stores that sell cheap stuff related to South Korea at www.KoreanProductsUSA.com.

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You can find Women’s Performance Traditional Korean Hanbok, Casual and Formal Hanbok, and men Korean Traditional Hanbok. The prices of the hanbok are also more competitive. It ranges from $32 to $126.  Their goal at Korean Products USA is to make Korean goods more easily accessible by negotiating with manufacturers in South Korea. Korean Products USA helps make this easier for us to find any products related to South Korea.

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