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1231Every couple of years there is actually a fashionable new hair style in relation to using natural hair weaves, wigs, natural hair weaves, and extensions. Wigs and Hair weaves have made great strides in the last decade and it is getting more difficult to identify the difference between hair extensions and natural hair.

A frontal hairstyle is quite similar to a closure which is used when wearing weaves, wigs, or even hair extension pieces. The most apparent difference between frontal and conventional closure is that the frontal encloses the whole front area of your head at the hairline while a closure only cover a 4×4 area of your head .

The reason for wearing a frontal hairpiece is to give protection to the hairline from deterioration and offer highest possible flexibility with regards to styling hair extensions. If you love wearing your hair back and away from the face so a frontal hairpiece might be a more effective option when compared with a closure.


The closure is usually attached alongside your hairline or even the wig or hair weave is made to be closed off to provide the visual impression of being your own hair. The installation might also be based upon where you are going to create the illusion of a part when having a wig or even hair extensions.

This human hair bundles with frontal gives more flexibility when styling your hair for various purposes. Frontals are usually made with either a lace base or a silk base to properly imitate the scalp. This also extends from ear to ear and the hair can also be parted easily to be placed the on the right, middle or left side. You may also tug your hair into a top bun, ponytail, or even other pulled back hairstyles without it appearing just like you are putting a wig or hair weave. This is exactly why frontals give good results for many women who might have balding or even thinning edges as they imitate the natural hairline properly.


Human hair bundles with closure are also great for those who desire fuller covered hair. This closure has amazing benefits for the natural hair. It will give proper protection for your hair. And not only you get the flexibility to style a part in your hair but also you can unify the closure in flawlessly with the natural hair to better help you get the fuller, dramatic look you want .


Wigginshair offers 100% real human virgin hair bundles with closures. You will find Brazilian hair bundles with closure, Malaysian hair bundles with closure and, Peruvian hair bundles with closure. Most are virgin and not formulated with harmful chemicals. You may perm, bleach, and color it or you can style as you want. You will feel convenient to shop for high-quality hair bundles with closures with affordable price from Wigginshair. Here also you can shop for the best Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, and Peruvian hair bundles with Frontal.

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