Zomchi bamboo safety razor – zero waste grooming product

Something that most of us do it is shaving. Sadly, gigantic amounts of plastic razors are discarded every year. They will not be recycled, because the metal is integrated in plastic. Therefore, such plastics are burned or end up in nature. Actually, this has become a disaster for the earth. Thankfully, you will find better alternative which is safe for our environment.

Zomchi bamboo razor

This safety razor is a highly effective swap for zero-waste shaving. Bamboo razor were traditionally used before the massive production of single-use razors. Most razor companies that only think about profit, made the eco razor overlooked. Still, the traditional eco razors become the best alternative to plastic cartridge razors for most of us.

Zomchi bamboo razors blades made from stainless steel and the blades are also easy to recycle. How often the blades must be replaced will depend on shave frequency and also the hair type, this may differ from a weeks to months. Zomchi bamboo razors use Double edge safety razor blades which are inexpensive and you can find it in many supermarkets or online. Zomchi bamboo razor offer a perfect and close shave for both men and women. Zomchi razor grip is made of bamboo. Accordingly, each grip has different patterns and colors.

With a sturdy bamboo handle for a safe grip, Zomchi bamboo razor is ideal for shaving the face as well as the body. Whether you use it in the sink, shower, or bath, the bamboo handle will always stay grippy.

Zomchi bamboo razors are available at Amazon and it is also good for beginners as this razor is designed for easy use and navigates. Shaving with this eco razor takes a different approach from a cartridge razor available in the market. By moving over to this eco bamboo razor, you are making contributions to the zero-waste action, making a safer and cleaner environment.

If the thickness of your facial hairs is less than you can purchase the single head or single foil shavers. This type of shaver can remove all the hairs from the beard and provide a close enough shave and according to our opinion check out braun series 7 790cc. People often with finer facial hairs can get a close shave without irritation.

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